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How To Be A Diva

The world of intimates is constantly evolving, and while consumers may not always be aware of the changes, innovation helps make women’s underpinnings increasingly supportive, comfortable and gorgeous.  Intimate Innovations will look at the enhancing world of lingerie from the perspectives of materials, manufacturing processes and marketing.

Recently, Empreinte’s new Diva line brought innovation to the market through its unique use of materials.  Namely, the Diva line is a seamless … Read More

I love New York City.  It is a microcosm of energy, innovation, and design.  It is a cauldron of extreme contrasts: sophisticated, cool, sultry, novel and classic on one stage.  Its multinational character propagates an environment of creative diversity.  It may be exhausting, but it is always inspirational.  The DNA of this city is unique, a balance of established landmarks and new ideas, a platform for growth.   It was a … Read More

Lasting Impressions

diamond AI suppose one could say that I am a professional shopper.  Searching the market for new ideas and inspiration is a very creative process.   The best part of the journey is happening upon something brand new, which I have not seen before, that makes a clear and prescient statement and begs me to listen.   I have traveled worldwide to find source information with the potential to inform a new product … Read More

Spirits are Rising

vegasshowsI am not much of a gambler, but having visited the CurveNV Lingerie show held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas last week, and based on the feedback I received, I would bet that business is beginning to stabilize.

The Las Vegas vibe has never been my cup of tea.  I would rather spend my time horseback riding in the open air.  But now and then, bright lights and … Read More

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