By Aimee Guthinger 

Did you know that it makes little difference whether you are always the bridesmaid or if this time, the bride? There are four essential bra categories that every woman should have in her wardrobe! Each addresses a particular fashion need in her busy day.  And while there are many more than four styles from which to choose, there are specific bras, that a newlywed, or for that matter, any stylish woman, should not be without!

Selecting the right fit goes much further than simply trying on a garment.  For this reason, we encourage our clients at my store, Bedroom I’s Boutique, to test their selections before making a purchase.  Lift up your arms to be sure the fit is continuous, sit down and squat to be sure the fit is comfortable, and try the bra on beneath an article of clothing to be insure a pleasing silhouette.… ...Read more

"Lost Souls Of The Pacific" Spring 2013

My older sister and I were not particularly close when we were young, or so I thought.  After all, she was impeccably groomed and hysterically neat (my description).  She slept in a perfectly made bed; head full of rollers, hands detailed in never chipped red lacquer laid carefully atop the bodice of her crisp white nightgown.  I, on the other hand, could be found casually draped across a crumpled comforter, waist length hair haphazardly caught in a ponytail on top of my head, probably still wearing my gym shorts (don’t ask, it was the 60’s) with the dog nuzzled somewhere under the covers.  But as time has moved on, it has become very obvious that despite our clearly different personalities, we nurture the same values and are compatible in character.  We are family with well-established roots and now we are friends of the … ...Read more

My mother taught me a very valuable shopping lesson when I was young that I believe has informed my entire approach to buying, both personally and professionally throughout my career.  If you see something that you think you really want, walk away from it.  If, after some breathing space, you can’t get it out of your mind, then perhaps, the product is worth a second look.  This is where instinct and insight take form in a merchant’s psyche.  Why does it appeal to us: is it pleasure, function or profit?

Whenever I go to a trade show, I try to practice this credo.  The level of energy and stimulation emanating from such a focused marketing venue can be overwhelming. Urgency can overpower logic. It is important to study, research and never over react.  New brands and new product should be reviewed, but there is much to be said about consistency.  … ...Read more

I’m up at Shirley’s lakeside cottage in New Hampshire for a few days and what a welcome respite from the hectic pace, not to mention the crazy heat in NYC.  The air is so clear here and the water so pure, I feel cleansed.  It’s the same exact quality that the new SKIN Organic Undies collection celebrates.  Designed in naturally saturated mineral colors, they are sold in a clever zip lock waterproof package that goes anywhere you want to be.  There are a lot of underwear lines out there, but these Pima cotton styles that are paper thin and feather light are an Intimate call for lingerie freedom.  Recently launched with great success at Barney’s New York, the collection will be in available at retail for fall 2012.

“What’s The Sexiest Thing a Woman Can Put on Her Body?  Comfort”
~ Susan Beischel


READ Intimate Intelligence:  “The Incredible ...Read more

During the past few weeks, events have catapulted my life into another stratosphere and it looks as if I will be moving away from my beloved Hudson Valley locale.  But that’s ok, because change is good.  I have decided to try something really new, living in a more urban environment with amenities at my doorstep.  It’s the balance between established needs and fresh perspectives that adds flavor to my life.  Time will make the new familiar and the new will enrich my roots.  One thing for sure, I won’t have to relinquish my love affair with all things equine. While apartment hunting last week, I noticed the installation of life-sized horse sculptures grazing in the streets of downtown Stamford, Connecticut.  This installation is part of The DSSD’s Art in Public Places summer exhibit.  Somehow the mix of imagination with the familiar equestrian told me I had found a place that … ...Read more

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