Lasting Impressions

diamond AI suppose one could say that I am a professional shopper.  Searching the market for new ideas and inspiration is a very creative process.   The best part of the journey is happening upon something brand new, which I have not seen before, that makes a clear and prescient statement and … ...Read more

Body Art

tattooWhen I think about why I love lingerie, I always fall back on the concept of Body Art.  In the same way that color or shape can define a blank canvas, lingerie defines the female form.  Allowing the body to emerge, a woman’s lingerie is a personal expression of her … ...Read more

I Do!

9780300116441I was married in City Hall with two witnesses present.  After the ceremony the four of us went to dinner at a beautiful local restaurant.    I could never quite grasp the point of a lavish affair and all the chaotic fanfare that accompanied the planning process.  It seemed, at the … ...Read more

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