Happy Holidays

xmas-ornament-06.jpg 1Christmas is just days away.  For me, the holidays feel more sedate this year. There seems to be more reflection, a deeper observation in the details of our world, the brief moments and small gestures that make life sound.  Observing the ornaments on my tree, and knowing that I began  to collect them 35 years ago, I manage to negotiate a trail of memories that defy the unknown terrain that many of us have been forced to confront in this difficult past year.  Focusing on what is instead of what is not can provide a form of poetry in our lives that can not be bought.  This was my general message when I was interviewed last week on Centanni Broadcasting digital web radio by Betsy Karp, health and wellness coach from Journey to the Answers.  She asked me how I came to write this blog and in our discussion, … ...Read more

Everyday, Pretty Hot

2009-08-fn-mad-men-joanWhat would you imagine that Christina Hendricks (aka Joan Holloway), the sassy femme fatale of the award winning TV series, Mad Men, is wearing under her iconic 1950’s dress?  My guess is this retro inspired slip  from On Gossamer.  I have become a real fan of this extraordinarily well written and superbly staged new drama that harks back to a time in history when women were just on the brink of claiming their own identities. Even though “Joanie” is introduced to the story as the sexpot office manager who knows her place, she evolves as the plot progresses into the critical administrative control in the company infrastructure.   Perhaps her lingerie gives her the sexy confidence to embrace who she is.

 Besides the fact that every single detail; props, costumes, and historical references included, is 100% true to the era, there is a very contemporary story being told.  Women … ...Read more

Old is New Again

39stepsLast week I had the opportunity to see the very funny theatrical re-incarnation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film, The 39 Steps, at the Helen Hayes Theater on Broadway.  This award winning show manages to take an established dramatic thriller and re-invent it as a comical tour de force:  yet, it never deviates from the original script. Acknowledging several references to Hitchcock classics, this plot of espionage and murder is transformed into a brand new story by a cast of four extraordinary actors playing multiple roles at breakneck speed.  I also have to say that having Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton sitting six rows in front of me upped the whole energy level.   As the iconic Peter Allen lyrics profess, “Everything old is new again.”

The whole character of this matinee revival, pre war costumes and props included, reminds me of Wacoal’s new Retro Chic bra (855186) with its … ...Read more

Something in the Air


Thanksgiving is over. We are on the cusp of December.  There is a transformation at this time of year. The air is crisp, clean and clear. The winter solstice is near.  In N.Y.C., the Rockettes kick their way through a seamless parade of wooden soldiers at Radio City Music Hall; dancers soar through gravity defying moves in the traditional Nutcracker Suite Ballet at Lincoln Center and the famous Christmas tree, glowing with 30,000 lights,   rises to breathtaking heights at Rockefeller Center. Searching for the perfect gift becomes a national pastime.  We are enmeshed in a light hearted spirit that we wear freely without restraint.  The holiday season has officially begun.

What better embodies this winter celebration than the launch of the new Aire thong from cosabella-cos001-aire3zl-gsCosabella.  Introducing an innovative new construction, this panty is part of an underwear collection that is laser cut around the leg openings and waistline, … ...Read more

Less is More

janet-yuIt’s a great time of year to shop the Lingerie stores in NYC  to get trend direction and see innovative new product.   Last week, I took my camera to Soho and visited the usual suspects, including Kiki De Montparnasse, Agent Provocateur, Eres, and La Perla.  When it comes to exquisite lingerie, each with their own distinctive profile, these stores are inspirational, but the discovery of Jean Yu’s tiny shop and atelier (named 37=1) on Crosby Street was particularly thought provoking.  Jean’s  hand made limited edition designs are draped in airy light diaphanous silk fabrics.  The ethereal result embraces one of this year’s major lingerie themes: sheer architecture.  janet-yu-night-gownCreated in soft,  pale cosmetic colors, these minimalist garments are pure lingerie art.  Clean geometric patterns are defined by finely sewn seams, narrow ribbons and hand finished edges. The absence of lace, padding and wires allow the female … ...Read more

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