By Estelle Puleston

Opaak's Ease Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Lingerie brands worldwide have felt the impact of operating during a pandemic that has influenced everything from supply chains to fashion trends. For the first time since its launch in 2017, Opaak – which is designed in Germany but produced at a specialist luxury lingerie manufacturer in Romania – was forced like many others to develop a collection 100% remotely, without the usual in-person collaboration or factory visits.

Opaak's Ease Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It was also lockdown life that inspired founder Agathe D. Muffert to create a softer, more comfort-focused collection than in previous seasons.… Read More

Kilo Brava paisley print Mesh Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Ruminating for the past week or so about Kilo Brava’s Holiday 21 collection I’ve been trying to put my finger on its contemporary tempo. Several words come to mind that solidify the brand’s mission for this delivery: retro inspired, vintage style, pop colors, paisley prints, semi-sheer, eco-conscious, diverse, inclusive, size friendly, sexy, comfortable intimates that are personally empowering. Eight new groups are now showcased in Kilo Brava’s Spotlight this month: Mesh, Printed and Jacquard Satin, Embroidered, Flocked, Lacey, Modal and Bamboo knit.

The Mesh Collection

Kilo Brava paisley print Mesh Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Kilo Brava paisley print Mesh Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Kilo Brava paisley print Mesh Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Kilo Brava Mesh Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

A series of eight styles including a dynamic pink paisley print reminiscent of the 70” s Boho chic.… Read More



Red Bubble Botticelli's Birth of Venus Leggings Designed by Art History as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I’m taking a long, hard look at Botticelli’s Birth of Venus (you know…the goddess of love standing on her half-shell). Or rather–I’m seeing her face, blown up and maneuvered over the knee and thigh of a pair of polyester-elastane stretch leggings, her golden tresses cascading down the other leg. This is but one example among the hundreds (no, make that thousands) of pairs of graphic, photo-printed stretch leggings now bombarding the market. Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon? Check. Mona Lisa? Check. Jackson Pollock? Check. Magritte, Kandinsky, Dali, Vermeer, Van Gogh?… Read More

Home Sweet Home Fabric Designs by Monique Elias featured on Lingerie BriefsMonique Elias is a universally creative artist with an unmistakable and charming style of expression. Her quirky prints and graphics are an endless source of wit and daily admiration for many of her social media devotees. These splashes of instant wisdom and childlike honesty welcome you into Monique’s magical world, which reflects all global and personal matters through the lens of kindness and love.Home Sweet Home Fabric Designs by Monique Elias featured on Lingerie BriefsDespite challenging life circumstances, Monique always returns to drawing. She derives her creative energy from Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural prowess, the stylistic intelligence of Yves Saint Laurent, James Bond movies and novels, World Book Encyclopedia, National Geographic, Vogue, art museums, ballet, and opera.Read More


Christine Silk Faberge Devore velour kimono and Diva chemise in Purple Passion as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, I took a trip to the Met Cloisters in NYC. The venue is not new to me but having just finished the biography of John D Rockefeller and reminded of his son’s obsession with medieval art, I was anxious to see, once again, the renowned Unicorn Tapestries. The confluence of grandeur, dignity, and ambition represented by this proud bastion perfectly captures the complex character of this famous family. I took a lot of notes at the museum.  I never know when such an experience will spark an idea for a Lingerie “Brief”.… Read More

Urban Muu Muu ~ Comfy Rompers featured on Lingerie Briefs

One-piece Rompers are all the rage at Urban MuuMuu! This new addition is so fun and ultra comfortable, you’ll want to lounge around all the time in one! Made in your choice of Supima Cotton modal French Terry or 100% Cotton Slub Jersey, these fun onesies are manufactured in the USA. Urban Muu Muu ~ Comfy Rompers in French Terry featured on Lingerie Briefs


Urban MuuMuu’s Romper in Supima Cotton modal French Terry  features such a nice, roomy stretch. This onesie is great for sunny warmer climates, and hot sleepers; wear it all year long, indoors, or out!… Read More

By ESTELLE PULESTONUnderwear for Humanity featured on Lingerie Briefs

Has there ever before existed a lingerie brand that’s quite so environmentally and socially conscious as Underwear for Humanity, which launched this year? I’m struggling to think of one. With a tagline of “kindness in action”, this Australian start-up is one that’s centered around giving back to the world in numerous ways.

Let’s start with its eco credentials. Underwear for Humanity was founded by lingerie industry veteran Kelly Barrett, who previously created Silent Arrow but closed it down when she found herself stuck in the modern-day fashion cycle of regular product launches followed by necessary discounting to clear old stock.… Read More

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