B Fyne Swimwear illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

As we celebrate the official beginning of summer, of schools being out, of half day Fridays and the sweltering heat of July, swimwear comes into focus. The classification has gained momentum is the last few years with many intimate brands introducing swim collections  providing a myriad of choices. I could have focused on only American brands but I also wanted to pay tribute to what makes this country truly special…immigrants.  And brands such as Rue 107, owned by Haitian born Marie Jean Baptiste, B Fyne founded by a Nigerian American and Zingara, a Mexican based brand all show the creativity and design detail of more familiar names.

Rue 107 & Zingara Swimwear illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Norma Kamali has been designing for strong independent women for decades and her iconic ruched swimwear is just as relevant now as it was when she debuted it.  La Perla swim needs no introduction.  Lise Charmel has some … ...Read more


Charlotte Bra for full busted sizes 28-40 C-K cups by Parfait Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I was relatively new to the professional lingerie scene years ago when the Charlotte Bra by Parfait released. It was the first truly retro style bra I had seen in my size and I instantly fell in love with it. It was also one of my first lingerie samples, so the whole box showing up at my apartment door felt like a fairy godmother had gifted me with something I didn’t even know existed yet.

Charlotte Bra for full busted sizes 28-40 C-K cups by Parfait Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I’m older now and have changed both apartments and cities, but I still grinned when I saw the newest version of the Charlotte show up on my doorstep. It was like seeing an old friend that I’d lost touch with when I was younger, just in lingerie form. Wearing it around reminded me that the Charlotte is still unique in the industry: it’s retro, it looks huge in the box but great … ...Read more


Magda G. photo of Mélancolie (2012) by Albert György

I rarely allow my personal opinions into this space, but when trauma is propagated against children, I cannot hold my tongue. The last time I shared these thoughts was in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. A child should never be a pawn in adult discord. This concept is not political, it is human. What is happening with migrant families at America’s borders is shameful. A friend posted this image photographed by Magda G of Mélancolie by the sculptor Albert György on Facebook and I thought; this reflects the hole I feel in my heart today.  Summer officially begins tomorrow.  In two weeks we will celebrate the founding fathers. We MUST find a way to obliterate this incredibly unpatriotic behavior and rise up to the standards of the nation that we were born to be.

Pima & Modal PJ short set from BUp sleepwear on Lingerie Briefs

I know I am using a very macro message and drilling down … ...Read more


German brand Opaak featured designer in the Gallery on Lingerie Briefs

It’s wonderful to discover a luxury lingerie brand that is not only packed with sensual flair, but is incredibly functional and environmentally friendly.   German brand Opaak manages to balance all three components, designing minimalist intimates made from ethically sustainable supply chains.  The three Opaak collections featured here are Graphic Lace, Sheer Outline and Perforation Couture…and in each of these there’s not a ruffle, embellishment or floral pattern to be found.  In fact, all of the designs are sportswear-inspired (with an avant-garde touch) and intended to be layered with your ready-to-wear.

Opaak is a brand where sensuality meets technology, with materials such as recycled micro jersey and regenerative fabrics heavily in use.  Founder Agathe D. Muffert strictly adheres to the EU legislation regarding ethical, social and environmental standards in manufacturing, taking a modern approach to her minimalist designs.

With the arrival of Opaak to the intimate apparel … ...Read more



Cool Burst by Adolf Gottlieb at Christies on Lingerie BriefsMy first exciting encounter with the color red was at an Adolf Gottlieb art retrospective at the Whitney Museum when I was 18. Gottlieb’s Burst series changed my perspective on Abstract Expressionism. As I stood transfixed before these canvases covered with dramatic gestures and careful brushstrokes, I understood the duality of purpose he wished to convey. These paintings were alive, pulsating with intent and full of emotion. They were empowering.

Lise Charmel Dressing Floral collection in Red on Lingerie Briefs

I don’t know exactly why the Lise Charmel brand so often evokes art memories such as this for me. It is not just the technical expertise for which this French Lingerie Atelier is known. Maybe it is in the embodiment of the design process; the way each style relays a message that goes far beyond the obvious. With Lise Charmel, there is always a thought provocative story that inspires the collection. I love discussing this … ...Read more

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