Shell Belle Bridal Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The synergy between the wedding industry and lingerie design can be summarized by its celebration of femininity and the female form. It inspires artistry and evokes the thrill of anticipation. It demands imagination and the highest standards of design. I’ve been researching this market lately which is growing exponentially. It is interesting to note that many of the trends I encountered were reinforced in the themes permeating intimates development for Spring 2023. … Read More

Mey Men's Playing Card Collection as featured on Lingerie BriefsThis month, we focus on the other side of Mey’s intimates’ business: Mey’s men’s undergarments. Here we  zero in on the ‘Sexy Cards’ collection launching  for A/W 23 in an alluring assortment of clever prints and coordinating cotton knits from the brand’s ‘Symbol’ and ‘Relax’ groups. Constructed in the essential shapes and patterns to which men tend to gravitate: boxers, t-shirts and easy loungewear, they look like an easy upsell in any lingerie store. … Read More


Luxury Lingerie brand Coco de Mer as featured on Lingerie Briefs

“Pleasure is a necessity, not a luxury”. That’s the driving belief of Lucy Litwack, who was headhunted for the role of CEO at Coco de Mer in 2014, and later led a management buyout in 2017 to also become the company’s owner.

Coco de Mer has long been considered an iconic brand in this industry, and its Covent Garden boutique an iconic shopping destination, but Litwack believes that it can become … Read More

By TINA WILSONSkims as illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

As we move on to the WAIST, I will admit I don’t have very much of one, never have and I have made peace with that long ago. Unlike the breasts and the butt, it seems no one is in the business of enlarging the waist, but you never know, lifestyle and fashion are fast moving targets. In fact, advertising for many intimate brands seem to feature bodies that resemble the Venus … Read More

Kilo Brava Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Maybe it’s because the new Spring/Summer 2023 Kilo Brava collection was created while founder and designer Kristin Bear was pregnant with her third child, but this season, the brand takes on a distinctly familial flavor. Inspired by a country lifestyle, away from the city, Kristin infused a more romantic vision into these pieces. Clean pastel colors, painterly florals and airy chiffon and cotton fabrics complement customer favorites like the embroidery and satin groups. Of course, … Read More

By ASI EFROSTaurat Hossain, Photographer, The WonderLoft featured on Lingerie Briefs

Taurat Hossain, a brilliant millennial who has quickly risen to become New York’s sought-after editorial fashion photographer, shares the ups and downs of his journey.


Originally from Queens NY, born to a single mother of four from Bangladesh, he was raised on the West Coast.

“I was always content with my life in Los Angeles. However, every time I visited New York, I was in love with the idea of my Read More


Dita von Teese as featured on Lingerie BriefsDita von Teese

Curve New York took place at the Javits Center this February in a venue flooded with light and elevated above the conventional trade show jamboree. Many of the stories I noted reinforced the Paris themes: glitter and glow, bodysuits, intricate embroideries, graphic laces, and seduction.  A carousel of dynamic prints in vivid colors merge with a palette of deep pink, purple and blue soaked hues, bright greens, yellow and … Read More

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