Bloomers Her Highness Briefs as featured on Lingerie Briefs

This is a story about Bloomers Intimates and the Ah Ha moment that gave birth to this new panty brand. It all started when founders Dr. Shaula Yemini and her daughter Noa Arias were folding laundry in their home during Covid. Picking up a pair of tattered lace underwear, Shaula lamented that she wished she could find feminine panties that would actually fit and be comfortable for her maturing body. A few … Read More


INEJ brand Spring 2024 Wild Horses Woven Tencel lingerie collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s always been my belief that communication is the key to any positive partnership. It’s not only about the rapport between two people, but also the rapport between a individual and a product. As far as I am concerned, these tête à têtes  often resolve into years long relationships and sometimes great friendships. Thus, is the case with Sarah Carter, owner of SF Showroom in San Francisco. I’ve known Sarah for … Read More

Sexy at Any Age


"On Lily - Chantilly-lace-bustier Natori pants Natori Double Jersey Flare Trousers On Sue natori escape-spacer-underwire-bra, Natori Stretch Scroll Lace Long Sleeve Top natori, faux leather joggers Natori" as featured on Lingerie BriefsNatori

Becky’s photo editorial, Sexy at Any Age, struck me as a perfect expose for the brands showcased here. Clearly, these images prove that “age is just a number”. We take for granted in our youth-oriented culture that well-made lingerie is the providence of the young. From full fit foundations to casual loungewear, even as gravity does its deed, women still savor sensual, sophisticated, and excellent fitting intimates. Thanks to Wacoal, b.tempt’d, … Read More


Leonissa Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

When intimates and influencing collide, it’s typically in the form of a collaborative campaign or collection between the influencer and an existing lingerie brand. After all, this industry is not an easy one to enter alone when you have no background in clothing design.

Leonissa Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Yet that’s exactly what former graphic designer turned highly-successful fashion content creator Michèle Krüsi did when she founded Leonessa, and then single-handedly ran it for the first … Read More

By ELLEN LEWISAnita Sports Bras and Activewear as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Sports Bras were already a distinctly American lingerie business driver prior to the Pandemic. But the shift in priorities precipitated by that phenomenon catapulted the category into another volume dimension. Lucky were the brands who previously staked a claim to this terrain. The plethora of companies actively pursuing sports and activewear apparel is extensive. Because Lingerie Briefs plays specifically to an Intimate Apparel audience, this post focuses on those companies whose entire … Read More

Natori Beyond Frame essential bra as featured on Lingerie Brief

If you look up the meaning of essential in the dictionary, you will read the following: something of utmost importance: basic and necessary. What a perfect definition for a bra. For most women, a bra is indispensable. It could be worn for a bounty of reasons, but when it comes to basics, Natori Lingerie has rounded up a stable of styles that meet a multitude of elemental lingerie needs. Nine shapes do the crucial work … Read More


Wacoal Maximum Impact Simone Sports Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Fourteen years ago this month, I launched the Lingerie Briefs Brand with a blog about a horse and the Wacoal Simone Maximum Impact Sports Bra. Happy Anniversary to us both! The story was titled ‘State of Grace’. The metaphor was/is clear. Horses make me feel free. This bra provides the support I need when I ride. It’s all about the freedom that comfort provides. I searched the archives for that original … Read More

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