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Yesterday I got caught in a flash flood here in Connecticut. I was taking a riding lesson when a wicked downpour exploded over the ring. Thunder and lightning forced an immediate dismount.  By the time we got the horses back to the barn, there was water everywhere and rising fast.  We took refuge in the hayloft to wait it out.  That storm defies the fact that summer is over even if this weekend is the … Read More



Christine Silk Loungewear Seascape as featured on Lingerie BriefsSeascape

I am certainly not the first person to use the term “wearable art”. However, season after season, when I see the Christine collection, this is the only phrase that comes to mind. I am sure it’s because Christine, artist that she is, designs the prints herself. Applying them to a canvas of luscious silk from which she creates her signature loungewear shapes, she has, through the years, curated a legacy … Read More


Christine Silk Faberge Devore velour kimono and Diva chemise in Purple Passion as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, I took a trip to the Met Cloisters in NYC. The venue is not new to me but having just finished the biography of John D Rockefeller and reminded of his son’s obsession with medieval art, I was anxious to see, once again, the renowned Unicorn Tapestries. The confluence of grandeur, dignity, and ambition represented by this proud bastion perfectly captures the complex character of this famous family. I took a … Read More

Deedee Crosland treats you to an audio interview with the extraordinary silk lingerie designer/owner; Christine Morton of Christine Lingerie. Christine is recognized world-wide for her exquisite silk lingerie and extraordinary prints. She shares stories from her decades-long career and her mission to make women look and feel beautiful by creating pure silk lingerie and loungewear using the most luxurious fabrics. Made in Canada and available world wide.

Listen to Deedee’s interview with CHRISTINE MORTON

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Untitled-1When it comes to drama, weddings take the cake.  The entire process evokes memories of producing a major play.  There are so many facets to the affair, so many players in the equation, and emotions can run high.  My daughter in law (to be) has already told me that she might let her bridesmaids choose their own dresses to eliminate discord.  (I advised against it).  None the less, one can see how opposite tastes and … Read More


Huit Lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s that time again, several days after mining the trade shows and 678 pictures taken, to give you a heads up on who and what we saw for the Spring 2024 season. I am starting here with Evolution, honestly because it is a smaller venue with less editing required. I need the weekend to cull together the Curve overview.

Evolution is a lovely show; intimate, friendly, and elegantly presented. It’s a … Read More


Becky Yee Fashion Photography featured on Lingerie Briefs: NK IMODE & Fitfully Yours

Hot takes on a whole other meaning in Miami Beach and I don’t mean the crazy temperatures smothering the globe this summer. Becky decided that this popular southern destination deserved recognition for its sultry style. Embracing the sun-drenched colors and smoldering light, she shot these lingerie images of Amanda capturing the vitality of this charismatic city. Thanks to NK IMODE, Christine Silk, Fit Fully Yours, Leonisa, Cosabella and Adore Me. Enjoy! (image … Read More

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