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On Gossamer

The Resilient Woman

Photographed by STEPHANIE HYNES

On Gossamer Photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsOn Gossamer

Last Fall, as the Pandemic was rounding its 3rd quarter of consumer chaos, Stephanie and I decided that it might be nice to offer the brands a New Years editorial, our treat. Response was positive, but access to samples presented a challenge. We were ok with this as the market message of “Back to Basics” was clear.  We could really use whatever was on hand. We hired models, … Read More


A New Digital Lingerie Platform for Buyers and Brands

Re-imagining the future when the world tilts is not an easy challenge. Buyers and brands have been forced to pivot to survive. There are new rules of engagement percolating in the market, web-based initiatives to enable businesses to move forward.

This is what Samantha Chang has done for our Lingerie Community.  This week, she launched the Evolution Concept Show, a Digital Trade … Read More


Only Hearts Animal Print as seen at Curve NY for Spring 2020 as featured on Lingerie BriefsOnly Hearts

Curve NY wrapped up last week and as I always do, I spent 3 solid days at the show. It was definitely more robust, with an interesting layout and meaningful seminars. I received healthy feedback. The mainstream brands dominated the venue showcasing their current product perspective. For my part, there was a definitive macro message: Comfort first and foremost: in bras, shapewear, panties, and particularly lounge. Simplicity dominates design.

Technology … Read More

Photographed by STEPHANIE HYNESCommando bodysuit photographed by Stephanie Hynes for Lingerie BriefsCommando

In search of a theme for our holiday lingerie fashion editorial, Stephanie and I wanted to stay true to our creative aesthetic. How classic is the Nutcracker Suite! I suggested a story about the intimate world in which the dancers live while they are backstage in rehearsal and during the performance. Thirty two brands contributed to this visual panorama of exquisite intimates photographed to capture the symbiotic relationship between lingerie … Read More


Simone Perele bodysuit spring 19 at Curve NY on Lingerie BriefsSimone Perele

I have just spent the past week de-briefing from my 3 day marathon at Curve NY. Siphoning through 500 photographs now culled down for this article I have come to some conclusions on what is happening as we head into the fall 18/spring 19 lingerie season. I have heard much about the multi-billion dollar Lingerie industry in the past few years: the shrinking vendor structure, which is true, as well … Read More


A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Stephanie Hynes Photography Fashion Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs: Bluebella

Bluebella Bodysuit, Express earrings

Even though spring is officially here, winter refuses to lay down its sword. Or at least this is the feedback I have had from a good portion of North America and Europe. I have escaped, sitting here in Mexico embraced by bougainvillea, hibiscus, palm trees, lilies. (Ok, I will stop).  Soon, however, flowers will bloom rampantly everywhere; the … Read More

Silent Arrow

Seasonal trends, as we know them, are over.  That is not to say, that there are not design messages. It’s simply that these messages overlap, moving fluidly between key intimate and RTW classifications; blurring boundaries.  Leggings become pants, Robes become jackets, Bodysuits and bras become blouses. And Pajamas go everywhere. Concepts Paris calls this Hybrid dressing.  It is a perfect definition of the evolution (revolution) occurring in a woman’s wardrobe. Mixing design elements, … Read More

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