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On Gossamer

Intimates In Cabo San Lucas

The Norman Diegos Gardens in Cabo

Greetings from Cabo San Lucas where I came to get some much needed reprieve and some serious work done, both in my house and in my head.  Lucky for me I was still in a New York frame of mind the first week so I could accomplish something productive before I floated into Mexican mañana land.  I do not know exactly what it is in the air here, but … Read More

gazebo-new-aSubmitted by Judith Fine, owner of Gazebo in Northhampton, Massachusetts

started in 1978 after I had been designing nontraditional bridal gowns from my home for several years. At Gazebo’s beginning, every item was made by me using silks and vintage laces.  The late 70’s were the beginning of lingerie’s resurgence We had finished burning our bras and were now embracing our femininity.  I was also wholesaling my own designs through Ellen and Sylvia, an … Read More

Submitted by Kathy LaMura & Kate LaMura-Thompson: owners of Flannel and Lace LLC.

flannel-lace-logoIn the aftermath of hurricane Sandy when we had time to reflect on our lives (in the dark) my married daughter Kate and I had decided we had enough working for others, me as a nurse and her as a receptionist for an orthodontist. We’d had a dream of selling pretty lingerie in our own boutique in our little beachside town of … Read More

By Abbas Hussain  (Guest Contributor)

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It is one of the days where you cannot afford to have any wardrobe malfunctions. It is for this reason that everything you wear should be just perfect. They say that to look awesome on the outside, you need great inner-wear to start with. Here, are tips to help you choose great lingerie to help you look … Read More

Honeymoon Lingerie

by Libby Dowd

Any bride-to-be is likely to find herself knee deep in brand new lingerie by the time her honeymoon arrives. In fact, she may end up with more intimate apparel than regular clothes in her suitcase. Since it’s wise to travel with a little extra room in your suitcase, I’ve compiled this list of Honeymoon must-haves:

Something Sweet: Chemises and camisoles are a popular bridal gift item since the shopper does not … Read More

Eternal Style

Chrysler building photo from Getty ImagesThe New York skyline is an exquisite work of art, a sculpted landscape of concrete and glass that seems to defy gravity with skyscrapers whose facades soar skyward in a diaspora of architectural grace.  The details on these surfaces reflect the evolution of our national ethos and distinguish the differences that inform the New York character.  There is a vitality and sensuality in these structures that define a cultural diversity that cannot be duplicated in … Read More

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