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November 2016

*Note ~ product image shown prior is not available in the US or Canada so this popular high rise,
extra firm shapewear; Silueta Forte has been substituted.

It’s holiday party season and wouldn’t it be fabulous to look a dress size smaller or more without dieting! Janira Secrets is your shapewear solution.

The Secrets collection is designed to give women a gorgeous, slimmer look that redefines and trim the silhouette instantly without compromising femininity.

Secrets is the most extensive line of shaping underwear on the market today. By wearing these garments you can drop one dress size or even more. Elegantly and carefully designed, this underwear is designed to fit all your needs – and curves! And thanks to its ergonomic design it respects your natural figure too. Many styles … Read more

I have often been recognized for my communication skills; the ability to listen, amalgamate and explain. When I traveled earlier in my career, I took time to understand cultural innuendo and incorporate the nuances of diverse expectations into conversation and behavior. I prided myself in my ability to clarify intent with a modicum of diplomacy. By my age, certain talents define you. They are part of your “brand”. So imagine my dismay, when I returned to my house here in Cabo last week to discover that I had failed big time at the very core competency that I, as well as others, have come to expect from myself.

Here’s what happened: The gardener cut down the thick, luscious floral vines that completely covered the palapa – a roof made from … Read more



Depending on the day, my style can range from ultra girly and bright-colored, to super refined and monochromatic.  I consider the latter to be the quintessential stylish New Yorker aesthetic, with minimal embellishment, dark colors and an air of sophistication.  There’s something refreshingly uncomplicated (or so it seems) about this style.  That’s why it comes as no surprise that today’s featured brand, Sapphire Bliss, is a chic NYC-based label.  Not only is each design a reflection of minimalist glamour, many of the pieces are featured in navy blue, which is the stereotypical New Yorker’s version of wildly colorful.  The force behind Sapphire Bliss is Stephanie Chen, the offspring of Chinese immigrant parents who worked in garment factories, and ultimately a Parsons School of Design graduate.  She … Read more

Introducing the Super Stretch Smooth Edge Bikini Panties from Coobie!

Ultra soft and stretchy with a smooth finished edge. Made with cool, breathable fabric (80% nylon, 20% spandex) with a gray 100% cotton gusset. Available in regular and full sizes. Regular One size fits a 0-6; Full size fits a 6-10. Cute patterns and solid colors available.

“I absolutely adore these!”


 … Read more

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