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January 2017

I’ve been fishing around the internet today trying to locate tickets to the New York City Ballet’s presentation of Swan Lake. I try to take my daughter to the ballet or her birthday every year, and I know how much she identifies with this story. But of course, because of conflicting schedules all around, we’ll have to make another choice. Nonetheless, the entire search got me thinking about swans, women, Valentine’s Day and Mimi Holliday Lingerie.  Swans are majestic birds, an elegant presence floating effortlessly across water and an unexpected force when they take flight. Yet, don’t cross them, particularly near their young. They can get really mean. This duality informs Peter Martin’s choreography. Dancing the part of Odette/ Odile is one of the most technically challenging and emotionally fearless roles in all of ballet. It embraces the swan as a combination of feminine grace and defiant strength.

Mimi Holliday Swan Lake Collection on Lingerie Briefs

This brings me to Mimi Holliday’s Swan Lake Collection and its natural affinity to Valentine’s Day. That is to say, this delicate nude mesh bra and panty set is a piece worthy of gift status for a woman who appreciates beauty, individuality and luxury intimates. The exclusive swan embroidery elevates these styles to statement pieces, an expression of the precious, confident and sensual elements of the female character. Available in 32-38, B-F cups and XS-XL, this bra and panty set is the essence of Mimi Hollidays trademark eccentricity. It begs the question: is she Odette or Odile?

“True Delicacy Is Not A Fragile Thing” ~James Broughton


Le Petit Trou lingerie at Salon de la Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I must admit, when I think of Polish lingerie brands, I can’t help but think of utilitarian styles and the typical product photography that accompanies them. I feel bad generalizing like that, but it’s simply been my experience.  Which is why I was completely surprised that a brand I had been admiring from afar, Le Petit Trou, was indeed Polish!  Granted, the French name threw me off, and if you aren’t aware of what it translates to, it’s the little opening (cheeky!).

Last week the brand took part in the “Uncover” portion of the Salon International de la Lingerie.  Uncover showcases emerging talent and mainstream lingerie designers that are fashion-forward and standout due to their creativity. My colleague Ellen was lucky enough to swing by the … Read more

Experience flattering shape in the breathable, 2-ply mesh of Le Mystere’s Mid-Impact Unlined Sport Bra. This smoothing silhouette, with padded and adjustable straps, focuses on decreasing movement and maximizing support through encapsulated compression, reducing bust lines by up to 2 inches. It’s a must-have addition to your on-the-go wardrobe. Up to G cup.

Enjoy this Sport Bra’s great features:
• Underwire design  • Padded, adjustable straps  • Power micro cups  • Butterfly back… Read more

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