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by DEEDEE CROSLANDAudio interview with Natalie Marshall - KIP SleepwearI recently enjoyed a lively chat with Natalie Marshall about her brand KIP SLEEPWEAR. Natalie shares her fascinating journey of designing and manufacturing high quality, chic pajamas that are traditional in style with a youthful twist. As a young girl she recalls the excitement of receiving exquisite pajamas as gifts from relatives in Britain, which she cherished, but as an adult had difficulty finding locally. KIP Sleepwear was founded as a way to recreate the perfect pair of pajamas ~ and share with the world! Built from passion, Kip Sleepwear, manufactured in Canada, was born just one year ago yet VOGUE has already taken notice!

Listen to Deedee’s interview with NATALIE MARSHALL, Founder of KIP Sleepwear

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Discussion with Dr Jimenez, breast cancer surgeon and Staci Cormier of Anita InternationalDeedee Crosland recently facilitated a discussion on the importance of breast cancer awareness with Staci Cormier, Certified Breast Care Fitter and US Breast Care Manager for Anita International and Dr. Carmen Delgado Jimenez, Breast Cancer Surgeon & Medical Director at Hospital Universitario Virgen de Valme, Sevilla Spain. The Anita brand’s major commitment to women’s health is supported by their active participation in the necessity of preventive care and their broad spectrum of products necessary for both physical and mental rehabilitation following breast surgery. A serious interview that delves into the trials and tribulations of this difficult time in a woman’s life, Staci’s devotion to this issue is revealed.

Listen to Deedee’s interview with Staci Cormier, US Breast Care Manager
for Anita International
and Dr. Carmen Delgado Jimenez, Breast Cancer Surgeon
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by DEEDEE CROSLAND ~ Audio BriefsEmily Lau - owner of The Little Bra Company interview with Deedee Crosland - Lingerie Briefs

Emily Lau founded The Little Bra Company in 2007 out of a personal need and desire to create beautiful bras that fit petite and smaller-framed women.  Audio Briefs‘ Deedee Crosland interviews Emily and explores her efforts to balance a start-up brand with her successful career as a television producer. Ultimately her passion for designing and manufacturing niche bras for petite women won.  The Little Bra Company is now an internationally shopped brand specializing in hard to find smaller band and cup sizes.

Listen to Deedee’s interview with EMILY LAU

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Meghan Murray Cox, the Senior Buyers & New Business Development Manager for CURVE shares a glimpse into her busy world with Deedee. Her many hats include assisting both buyers attending Curve lingerie trade shows as well as exhibitors who showcase their lingerie brands in the global hub. Megan talks about why trade shows are here to stay due to the importance of personal interaction between vendors and the buyer’s desire for tangibility. She is excited for the upcoming CURVE shows in both New York and Las Vegas which promise to be fun and enlightening. Take a listen below to her informative and interesting interview…

Listen to Deedee’s interview with MEGHAN MURRAY COX

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In this edition of Audio Briefs, Deedee Crosland interviews Katrina Eugenia, a lingerie model/muse, photographer, artist and the face of Christine Silk Lingerie among other top brands.

Katrina Eugenia, Muse/Model and Deedee Crosland – both wearing Chrisine Silk

Katrina shares what inspires and makes her photos so unique, why she is a muse to top photographers and her funny stories about being a neighbor to a super model.



Katrina Eugenia models Christine Silk robes and is an artist extraordinaire!



Listen to Deedee’s interview with KATRINA EUGENIA

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