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When I was an art student my inclination was to be focused on more modern disciplines.   I perceived the breakout spirit epitomized in the disintegration of form to be a metaphor for my general philosophy of life:  only change can bring us to a higher state.  From impressionism through abstraction, my aesthetic personal preferences were fixed.   Then, in my senior year, I traveled to Rome and had my first encounter with Italian Baroque Architecture.  Born and raised in the suburbs of NYC, my perspective on this discipline was rather naïve.  I believed it to be a gaudy display of curlicues and gilt.  My observations were based on arbitrary encounters with interpretations of this opulent workmanship by less discriminating craftsmen.  So the avalanche of ornate shapes that besieged my vision as … Read more

BRIEF ALERT! Anita Active

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A Great Sport’s Bra Meets Multiple Challenges.

All my work plans just changed and now I am off to Paris next week for the Lingerie shows; thus, being challenged to endure the rigors of international travel. I consider flying in this day and age an extreme sport, so I am very pleased that I own Anita’s non-wire Momentum sport’s bra (5529). It will journey with me for comfort, and support. Initially I purchased this style for maximum stability during all my physical activities from yoga to horseback riding and it certainly exceeds my expectations.  However, what sets it apart from the rest of the field is the soft, microfiber-lycra®  fabric that breathes while it controls movement for hours at a time and is available in … Read more

I have been accused, on occasion, of being “intense”.  I become interested in something, major or mundane, and I focus on it with a kind of tunnel vision.  I concentrate on the pursuit until I have reached the finish line or satisfied my compulsion.  My latest obsession is the television sci-fi epic, The Stargate Series.  Thanks to the elimination of commercials, courtesy of Netflix, I have discovered that I can enter a total “brain drain” zone after a day of deep energy and nurture my proclivity for intelligent mythology with a concentrated sequence of non-interrupted entertainment.  My favorite characters are the women of this heroic team.  They are brilliant and confident specimens of athletic prowess whose singular vision to be their best invokes the positive mantra of any sporting … Read more

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A European Born Brand Shows Promise in the USA

I won’t be able to attend the Salon De Lingerie show this month as family issues are holding me hostage at the moment;  I am glad that I have expert “eyes” attending.  Some of our Guest Bloggers have promised a comprehensive report.  After all, it was in Paris last year that I found the newly launched London based Fräulein Annie brand. Created by German designer Frauke Nagl, I knew the moment I saw this debut collection of sexy intimates conceived for sizes 8 – 18 and A – G cups that I had discovered a potential winner.  Venturing this fall into the USA market, I learned recently that it is already a best seller at Kaori’s … Read more

2012. New Year: Revelation, Resolution and Re-birth.  The holidays behind us, we re-direct our priorities with an eye on transition.  It is time to hunker down and review expectations.  January is the beginning of the slow slog uphill that seems to commandeer our lives at this annual juncture.   Grey skies, budgets and reality initiate all sorts of goals in order for us to harbor hope.  When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, this meant resuming my weekly swimming regime at our local recreation center after a brief holiday splurging hiatus.  In those days, the active bathing suit selection for girls of my “curvy” shape was limited to a simple solid black tank suit with little support and no shape.  The disintegration of the basic nylon material by the chlorine … Read more

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