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Some years ago, when my daughter was a teenager, she went downtown to the East Village with her best friend and unbeknownst to me, got a tattoo. She had every intention of keeping this a secret (it was on her back), but a little birdie called me and let the cat out of the bag. I freaked out and made my feelings known to my young design and merchandising staff that were, maybe, 10 years older than she. Within 5 minutes of my diatribe, at least 6 of them entered my office, lifted their shirts and gifted me with an array of ink work worthy of Picasso (if in his lifetime this was considered an art form).  Overwhelmed with dragons, flowers, butterflies and full running landscapes, I … Read more


Charnos Lingerie Sienna Bra to a J cup on Lingerie Briefs

The plus-size lingerie marketed can sometimes feel like it’s dominated by the major players, so it’s fun to occasionally reintroduce ourselves to the plethora of options out there. Charnos Lingerie was one of the first brands that I tried when I was trying to figure out my real lingerie size. I remember liking them a lot, but as I realized I was larger than a G cup I moved on to other brands that get more press. I spent this week wearing a gorgeous Charnos bra in my real size and thinking about how much more I could appreciate it nearly 10 years later. While I liked Charnos bras when I was younger, I couldn’t have articulated the reasons why if someone had asked me. Age and … Read more


“Art has saved my life on a regular basis.” Carrie Mae Weems.

Christine Lingerie illustrated by Tina M Wilson on Lingerie Briefs: Color My Mood

Art, film, literature, and fashion, they are our storytellers. They are barometers of our mood and mirror our times. I believe the diverse colors and infinite patterns I see all around are in defiance of the current dark tone we face, and are a reflection of us, the humanity and good still within.

Christine Lingerie illustrated by Tina M Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

It’s no coincidence that florals are everywhere, that they keep getting stronger and more complex.  They were abundant at Curve, Interfiliere and currently on the streets.  Flowers make me happy, they make us happy and I for one am craving happiness and hope. Christine owns the floral print on silk.  She takes them and blurs them to muted perfection, she mixes them … Read more


Ginia Silk Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

What is value? I read quite a bit lately about the millennial quest for value and I wonder why the press is making such a big deal about the concept. It’s not a new question, albeit, perhaps the definition has evolved. Is value about cost or is cost what clarifies value? For my part, value has always been about character, long term investment; how a product withstands the tides of time. Value is taste, style perpetuity. If, by circumstance, all of this can be had for an amazing price, I salute it. A good deal is always worth the find. Nothing has changed in the pursuit of value in the last decade, or the last generation, not the last century. I was taught to respect the integrity … Read more


Elomi Sachi strappy plunge bra on Lingerie Briefs

I was going through my Instagram feed the other day when I saw a post by a local friend lamenting the lack of standard bras. “What do you do with all the extra straps? How do you get into them?” she asked. In many ways, I sympathize with her. I try a lot of bras for work and I have been the person consulting promotional images trying to figure out how to get into a five strap bra without choking myself – it’s not fun. I also remembered all the times I have worn my Sachi out with its visible straps and gotten compliments on my dress or my shirt, since most people don’t realize that the two aren’t connected. Not all strappy bras are built alike, … Read more

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