Hanro of Switzerland Violetta Collection on Lingerie Briefs

I have gotten into the habit lately of tuning into You Tube on my TV to listen (and watch) classical music concerts, particularly where soloists perform. I am quite awe struck by the talent I see, partial to strings and the piano. After all, these artists are already virtuosos, steps above their peers, most who already claim positions in world famous orchestras. These are music masters worthy of global acclaim. Occasionally, a force of nature rises; not only prodigious from birth but someone or something other worldly. Their gifts survive into perpetuity. This is what I experienced when I happened this weekend upon a concert starring the incomparable violinist Itzhak Perlman. I am not sure if it was Tchaikovsky’s concerto or/and Eugene Ormandy conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra, all legacies in their own right, but I knew the moment I heard it begin … Read more


Sculptress Plus size bras on Lingerie Briefs

I didn’t really appreciate basic bras when I was younger, mostly because I lived in colder climates where your clothing hid your lingerie choices. Now that I live in New Orleans, I’ve quickly learned to appreciate the flexibility that a great basic bra provides. Weather here can vary wildly in the winter, from the 81 degree day we had last week to the 45 degree days we’ve been experiencing this week. When you’re dressing in layers and dealing with warm winter temperatures, basic bras give you the freedom to not have to think about what lingerie you’re going to wear.

As we all know, not all basic bras are built alike. I had the pleasure of trying out several of Sculptresse’s basic line over the past several months, which gave me a greater appreciation for how much attention and care have gone … Read more


I am sitting here this freezing January afternoon, intent on writing a blog about the startling beauty that is Lise Charmel bridal lingerie. I imagine a winter affair; ice, blankets, wine, and romance. I think about the stunning film, Dr. Zhivago and the sensual chemistry that Omar sheriff and Julie Christie stirred in their award winning roles as the star-crossed lovers, Yuri and Lara. And even though the story is one of deprivation, the depth of character and the seductive screen play are a study in elegance. What if fate had not interfered and a wedding had taken place? What would Lara have worn beneath her wedding gown? I imagine that it would be from the Exception Charme Collection; a sexy, sophisticated triumph of lace and silk. I imagine this because, just like the movie, these styles elevate the art of intimate … Read more

California Cool – Eberjey


Eberjey Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Given my background in the lingerie industry (having owned the luxury lingerie boutique Faire Frou Frou for nearly a decade), it’s not uncommon for people to still ask where I shop for lingerie or which brands I recommend.  This particularly held true this holiday season, as friends and colleagues were in search of the perfect gift for the special lady in their life.  It turns out that the one brand I consistently recommended was Eberjey.  And rightly so! This brand appeals to me on several levels, but it really comes down to the fact that Eberjey has a delightful balance of designs that are flirty and sexy, but also practical and comfortable.  It’s youthful, but works for practically any age; a romper or bralette/panty for the younger customer, a robe or pajama set for the older customer.  And vice versa, really.   The … Read more



Tina M. Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

The Yule Log was on TV, had my cinnamon coffee, woke up in a good mood, was feeling thankful and reflective, and right on schedule…. it was Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve I was invited to a small dinner party where we dined on sublime brisket and exchanged Secret Santa gifts under 10$.  I got a Food Face dinner plate that was meant for me.  The apartment was what I call a “Woody Allen”, you know one of those NYC pads with a real dining room, a massive table with leaves that seats 12, a kitchen where guests can mill about and there is room for multiple conversations. I was the only non-Jewish person in attendance which brings me to thankfulness, I am so happy I get to live and work in a town where diversity is a given.  Not going to … Read more


Magicsuit Swimwear romper on Lingerie Briefs

I am not in Mexico at the moment; I came north for the holidays and to prepare for the fall 2018 market. It’s a bit counter intuitive, braving the northeastern weather patterns while most people are escaping south for a sun soaked reprieve. It is, in fact, the beginning of the Swimwear season. And even though I write this wrapped in fleece, there is no doubt that my interest in this enormous industry has been peaked by the fact that I reside seaside for a big part of the year. Beachwear is as prevalent on the Mexican beaches as black everything controls New York fashion. Living in Cabo San Lucas, one might catch sight of the romper pictured above while cruising through the local flea markets, sipping margaritas on the marina or even dining on some tacos at one of the many … Read more

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