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By Ali Cudby


Has anyone else noticed that there has been a lot of focus on tween and teen bras lately?  It all started with the media flurry over a new company called Yellowberry.

Yellowberry is a company that’s gotten a lot of press. It’s a crowd source-financed bra company founded by teenager Megan Grassell. It all started when Grassell took her 13-year old sister bra shopping for the first time. As the story goes, the product she found was all highly sexualized, and she decided to “make a better mousetrap” with a focus on colorful, fun bras for the tween and early teen market. After a Kickstarter campaign that ultimately raised $41,000, Yellowberry was born and is now shipping product in the $30-43 range.

Of course, Yellowberry is not the only company making age-appropriate bras for the tween and teen market.

Companies like HanesbrandsRead more

By Ali Cudby

bra la modeRecently, at The Intimate Circle, I spoke to Moira Nelson about the elements of manufacturing retailers should understand in order to buy and sell more effectively.

Buy for your ideal customer

Like a retail store, a lingerie manufacturer must convey a clear message about their brand. Particularly at a start-up, which is where Nelson’s Bra La Mode focuses its consulting efforts, it’s critical for a company to speak in a cohesive voice to its audience. The video clip from our interview illustrates just how deep that conversation goes to identify a brand’s ideal client. When a manufacturer is clear about its audience, it makes it easier for a retailer to determine whether it’s the right fit for their store.

Ask for selling points

When you appreciate how a garment is made it becomes easier to value a given garment – both … Read more

By Ali Cudby


Since joining the lingerie industry, I’ve always gone to the Curve trade shows in the US, but I hadn’t managed to visit ILS, the International Lingerie Show – until now. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my maiden voyage to ILS. I was told it was the “sexier” side of the lingerie industry, and that I would see more adult toys than I knew existed.


When the day arrived, I was surprised by the amount of skin I saw…but not in the way you might expect. In fact, after years of seeing most women in bras and bottoms at Curve, the models at ILS seemed quaintly covered in their corsets, Halloween costumes and rave wear. Sure there were some models who were wearing less, but they were the exception.


Yes, there were sex-positive accouterments of all varieties, from high-end gear that … Read more

Lingerie News You Can Use

By Ali Cudby

Selling lingerie is all about creating a relationship with your customer. Sometimes that conversation is about fit. Sometimes it’s about body image or even self care

Today, we’re going to talk about some nuts and bolts information that you can use to paint a more colorful picture of the companies behind the lingerie you sell, or the product itself. It’s the news you can use – a roundup of some recent highlights from around the lingerie industry.

Panache Sport in Good Housekeeping

The Panache sports bra continues to get lots of press, and this month alone it was selected by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute as a true winner AND deemed best of the best being wear-tested by Health Magazine



Prima Donna SwimSpecialty retailers are familiar with Prima Donna for their full-busted customers, so it’s important to remember that the new … Read more

By Ali Cudby


In reflecting on the recent CurveNY show, I’ve spent time thinking about the business side of the amazing product I saw in the booths. As much as I appreciated the product, what really struck me this year was less about the lingerie, loungerie and hosiery and more about the people

It’s not easy for retailers to attend trade shows. For many it’s expensive in both time and money. With today’s technology it’s fair for retailers to ask themselves if coming to trade shows is a worthwhile investment.

In my opinion, the answer is a resounding YES.


When you’re in your store – whether you run a bricks-and-mortar or online business – there is a constant barrage of distraction. There’s no way to focus on product in the same way as you can at a trade show. At the show, you have … Read more

By Ali Cudby


A lingerie retail store – either bricks-and-mortar or online – is customer service oriented by definition. If you don’t make your customers happy, they won’t come back. Without customers, you’ll find yourself out of business. Seems obvious.

So retailers want to please their customers. But what happens when the thing that works best for the business is directly opposite to what the customer wants? That gets challenging. You need to protect your business and also your relationship with your customers – so how do you decide when to side with your business and when to side with your customer?

Let’s take a concrete example – your return policy. Sometimes customers want to return an item outside of your stated return policy. So how can you protect yourself, and when should you bend the rules and allow exceptions?


I talked to Alison Rubke, … Read more

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