Curvy Kate Maya print swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

If there is one thing that I think many curvy women have in common, it’s a fear of actually getting their swimwear wet. Unlike bras, ill-fitting swimwear can go bad in so many ways once it actually hits the water. For many years, buying swimwear that was too big in the band to accommodate your cup size was the norm, which made actually swimming in it fairly impractical. Ever had your top slip back off over your head when you dive under a wave in the ocean? What about fabrics that go totally limp when wet (which is usually when your breasts fall out the top due to lack of support)?

Curvy Kate High Voltage plunge tankini on Lingerie Briefs

Curvy Kate was at the forefront of fashionable full-bust and plus-size bras, so it’s no surprise that their swimwear is ahead of the pack as well. Their youthful take on prints and patterns have transferred over … ...Read more


A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Aubade Bra & Brief ~ Christine Silk Kimono photographed by Stephanie HynesAubade & Christine Silk

Finally, spring has arrived in North America, or so I have been told. Here in Mexico, there is really no such season. And, I must admit that I miss its debut. Something happens to the light in spring. It is, in fact, clearer, luminescent and weightless. As the earth blooms, I find a metaphor to feminine empowerment. These lingerie images, shot by Stephanie Hynes, are homage to the grace and energy embodied in a confident woman. Photographed to capture the beauty of a transformative moment, they are reminiscent of a poem I wrote some years ago describing a single flower growing in the cracks of an abandoned lot. We each see what we choose. For us, it is the artistry in intimate apparel.

Aubade Bra photographed by Stephanie HynesAubade  

Passionata Bra and bikini panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsPassionata 

Millesia bra and panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsMillesia

Chantelle bra and panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsChantelle

Timpa bra and panty photographed by Stephanie Hynes on Lingerie BriefsTimpa

Photography & Creative Direction: ...Read more


Charnos Baily Bridal Lingerie illustrated Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Spring has finally sprung, I think?  With its arrival comes not only warm days and cool nights but a royal wedding.  Not one to get swept up in celebrity/royalty weddings, I’m a bit more excited this time around, it’s not every day a royal marries an American.  And I love Harry, he’s my favorite.

Since Victorian times, it’s been customary to give the bride to be…a trousseau.  Jewelry, toiletries, makeup even bed linens and of course lingerie comprise the list of goodies.  I am not sure about the other items on the list but bridal lingerie is as strong as ever as a category.  And now the bridesmaids have a piece of the pie, I wish I had a dollar for every bridesmaid makeup wrap sold in the past few years, but I digress.

Curvy Couture Bridal Lingerie illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Finally, the curvy girl gets her due, strapless bras for her that stay … ...Read more

The Cadolle Legend


Cadolle haute couture lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

There is some controversy about who invented the first bra. The final answer is unequivocally Herminie Cadolle, who secured the first “brassiere” patent in Paris in 1879. Founder of the legendary Maison Cadolle, Herminie was the first of six generations of Cadolle women dedicated to celebrating the female form in tandem with the cultural environment of the period. The House of Cadolle  is famed for its technical prowess and fashion flair. Poupie’s costume designs for Monica Bellucci in the last James Bond movie, her celebrity clientele and medical patent continues the long tradition of innovation throughout the history of Cadolle.

Cadolle La Collection on Lingerie Briefs

On a personal note, I met 5th generation Poupie Cadolle several years ago. Responsible for redefining the silhouette with the transformation of the traditional “confining” corset to a style comfortable to wear, Poupie continues the Salon’s haute couture heritage as her daughter Patricia steers … ...Read more


Speranza bespoke bra found on PinterestI found this image on Pinterest and to date it is the most popular picture I have ever posted. I think that it is because this bespoke bra is evidence of the artistic potential of lingerie placed in the right designer’s hands. It is craftsmanship at its best. Have you ever envisioned a bra made of peacock feathers?  Neither had I, until I found this ingenious wonder while trawling through the website.

I love the creativity of the Pinterest platform. We are on 6 sites now, some more robust than ever, but the one site that remains, at its core, a hub of shared ideas is Pinterest. That’s why when an image is saved or reposted, I believe that the purpose is sincere.  It affirms an admiration for artistry and the recognition of its power to not only seduce, but to nourish the imagination. Maybe it is … ...Read more

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