Diamonds & Lace ~Lise Charmel

May 2, 2017

Diamonds & Lace : Lise Charmel on Lingerie Briefs

My mother had the most exquisite diamond engagement ring, a round stone embraced on one side by a semi-circle of tiny diamonds and on the other, rubies. Set in a platinum band, she bequeathed it to my sister, as it should have been.  My sister had beautiful hands. Me, not so much. I never really understood the necessity and didn’t want a diamond ring when I decided to marry. I’m a bit of a cynic on the symbolism. But ignoring its potential as an investment that actually has generational intent was ignorance on my part at the time. When analyzing value, there is always more than meets the eye. Perfection in a diamond requires a level of expertise through multiple stages of craftsmanship, each stage effectively at risk by the next step in the process.Today, there are many versions of diamonds in the market, but grasping the elements that set apart the highest quality of these gemstones, requires insight into the 4 C’s; carat, cut, color and clarity.

Lise Charmel Leavers Lace on Lingerie Briefs

Now why exactly am I bringing this up?  Because, in a discussion about what sets Lise Charmel lingerie apart, my colleague Sandra Jones, US Manager of the Lise Charmel Group, suggested that I compare the product to a perfectly cut diamond. It made sense. Lise Charmel uses only Leavers lace to create their intimates. The Leavers technique, a disappearing art centered in Northern France, uses overlying threads to underline the lace design. In this example from the Dentelle Design collection, there are 8 separate backgrounds interwoven into the tulle that form an intricate pattern, not easily duplicated by any other machine. The Leaver’s looms are considered the most complex textile machines in existence, mimicking the hand movements of lace makers of yesteryear as they worked the tulle into a delicate arrangement. The paucity of available machinery coupled with the complex skill set required to use them insures that garments claiming a Leavers lace heritage are a worthy treasure. They are a homage to the art of lingerie. I know one bride whose framed Lise Charmel wedding bra still hangs today on her bedroom wall.

“Quality is Never an Accident. It is Always the Result of Intelligent Effort” ~John Ruskin




Fashion Illustrations ~ Summer Undressing

May 1, 2017

Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

Today, in our Gallery, Tina Wilson sketches her Lingerie wishlist for her summer week-ends in Fire Island. Her blog describes her underwear attitude during a day of cooking, imbibing, biking and just plain relaxing. READ and SEE more Here



When Size Matters ~ Montelle Intimates

April 28, 2017

Montelle Intimates on Lingerie Briefs

There is a great deal of buzz in the marketplace currently; good buzz driven by the millennial call to arms that size doesn’t matter. This inclusion mantra is complemented by a generation of women who have come to age in the most heterogenetic culture in American history. Globalization, birthed by the technical revolution that seized control of our everyday lives during the past decade, has enabled an education on humanity worldwide. I wish I had grown up believing that femininity was not dependent on model perfect bodies, blonde ambition and prescribed behaviors.  But I was born in 1950 and the technical tsunami was not even alive. We had our surge too, thanks to Vietnam and Watergate, but ours was rebellion rather than a quest for amelioration.

In today’s Lingerie market, proffering inclusion is the only path to growth. And one of the loudest mantras guiding the industry is that size does matter. On counterpoint to past fit limitations, brands that pursue the needs of women whose shape issues extend beyond the accepted definition of “average” are the brands that win. Case in point: Montelle’s Essential bralette. Launched last year this style has become a fast and furious best-seller as stores test, sell-out and reorder it constantly. Why? Because it is a sized bralette with a hook and eye back closure that serves a woman 32-40, B-G cups. Jeanne Emory, owner of Bra Genie in Louisiana told me: “The fit is fantastic and having a beautiful AND functional bralette to offer our US F/G clients makes us look as good as it makes them look!” This stretch lace style available in 4 colors for spring 2017 has already found a position in the brands basic assortment for Fall 17. Engineered to gratify women beyond the original bralette target market, Montelle’s interpretation of this key lingerie trend, already proven with stellar sales results, confirms that sometimes size does matter. Contact Annette@Montelle.CA

“It’s Not the Size of the Dog In the Fight, It’s the Size of the Fight In the Dog” ~Mark Twain




Bridal Briefs ~ Simone Perele

April 25, 2017

Simone Perele bridal foundations on Lingerie Briefs

Beyond the wedding dress itself, Simone Pérѐle has recognized an enormous merchandising opportunity at their fingertips. So, we thought we would give a little highlight of their Spring 17 lingerie from “yes, I will marry you until “I do” READ and SEE more here



Featured Designer ~ Morgan Lane

April 24, 2017

Morgan Lane Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Morgan Lane has been on our radar for several seasons now. Alison is highlighting this New York City designer this week in our Gallery. Her styles and vision reminds her of the fashion influence of Coachella. READ and SEE more here



Pushing Boundaries ~ Oh La La Cheri Regroups

April 21, 2017

Oh La La Cherie lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

It’s probably no secret that I love writing and I only wish that I had the talent to produce a tome, so stunning in its prose, thoughtful in its production and brilliant in its message that the reader might not be able to put it down. There have been certain books that I’ve read throughout my life achieving this objective, provoking deeper insight than the obvious, creating clarity where there was once resistance. This is what happened when I read “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr.  This Pulitzer winning novel weaves the unlikely bond of two WWII antagonists, a young French blind girl and a German soldier who has spent his formative years as part of Hitler’s Youth. Circumstances cause their worlds to collide. From wariness to trust, Marie-Laure and Werner find meaning in each other’s existence.

Oh La La Cherie lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

As I explained: the story affected me in many ways, including thoughts about the Lingerie Briefs mission. We have always focused on lingerie that straddles the better to designer market, mainly because of my desire to advocate for quality, fit, elegance and functionality. And even though I respect those brands that are overtly “sexy” for their business acumen, it is not my style. To me lingerie is an investment in a woman’s self-esteem and a nod to feminine artistry. So, I have shied away from these companies on Lingerie Briefs.

Oh La La Cherie lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

However, after following the Oh La La Cheri tale for the past 2 years, albeit from a distance, I have reconsidered; at least for this brand. Like the improbable relationship born of necessity in Doerr’s book, I have adjusted my perspective as I have watched Oh La La Cheri’s collections and campaigns evolve to another level of intimate revelation.  This 10 year old company, who consistently has their finger on the pulse of cultural and fashion trends, has re-positioned itself to appeal to a “much more educated and smart market seeking statement pieces, trends, fit and quality at reasonable affordable price points.” In particular, their development of the plus size market (1X-4X), a big void in this category, is exemplary. Oh La La Cheri’s business model is working. Nordstrom’s just came on board. Sometimes, we must push the limits beyond our boundaries in order to see light on the horizon.

“There Are None So Distant That Fate Cannot Bring Them Together” ~Anthony Doerr



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