Curve New York Concepts Forum on Lingerie Briefs

Nothing has changed and everything is changing. The NY Curve Intimate Apparel show was, from what I understand from many of the brands to whom I spoke, with a few exceptions, a success. Of note, from the buyers, the entire vibe was much better, with meaningful seminars, a brand speed dating event that allowed merchants 5 minute intervals with new vendors, and a Concepts lounge that not only gave some smaller brands an opportunity for exposure, but also integrated, jewelry, and fragrances into the landscape. The efforts of the Curve group to generate dialog on social media, emerging trends and market evolution was a big plus. In a world where instant gratification rules and speed to consumer is the key, it will still always be important to … Read more


Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch Collection on Lingerie Briefs

Mothers and Daughters are a complicated affair. As the parent of two very different girls (Grace Kelly and Grace Slick) I wouldn’t even dare to comment. But here is one thing of which I am sure: as teenager’s moms can be an anathema and as adults they are often life preservers. Case in point, when my eldest (that’s Grace Kelly) was in her 20’s I offered her some hand embroidered cashmere cardigans from my youth that were by then, way too small for me. She was not impressed. However, last year, she inquired if they were still around.  (Nope; snooze, you lose).  Now in her 30’s, she appreciates quality and cares about comfort as well as style. Also, I am now the source of approval when she … Read more

Warrior Women


Fashion Illustration Anita Active by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

I remember the first time I entered Paragon Sporting Goods, the iconic purveyor all things athletic and adventurous.  I came to NYC very young, to go to Parsons School of Design. NYC was raw and creative, it was filthy, even a bit dangerous and I lived on Union Square a block from Paragon.  It was heaven and I want to go back in time, I miss it terribly.   We were “warriors”, my roommates and I and I am happy to say we all survived the mean streets, the early morning club hopping, the all night binges on whatever and the dating scene. So a few weeks ago when I entered the store for the first time in ages, a million memories flooded my senses.  Memories of looking … Read more


Marie Jo Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

It’s not spring yet and par for the course this winter the weather is awful: it’s pouring rain in New York today. I, however, can endure. In three weeks I will return to my home in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, from where my friends have been posting beach pictures:casual  whales breaching, boating excursions and seaside dinner dates. In most of these images, bathing suits are the clothing du jour.  Cabo is a huge resort destination for the California celebrity set. We hear about it all the time, but our lives rarely cross their secluded villa hideaways. Those scenes remain in the movies. For the rest of us, the lifestyle is just fine. But bathing suits are required. Why not experience a bit of cinematic transference? Marie Jo’s Read more


F.R.S. For Restless Sleepers on Lingerie Briefs

Let’s face it, we’ve heard quite a bit about the trend of wearing pajamas as outerwear, but it can be a bit daunting for the average woman to pull off.  Many luxury PJ brands do a beautiful job styling their designs to create inspiring ready-to-wear looks, but for some of us (ahem, myself), styling PJs as outerwear ends up looking precisely like that; simply wearing pajamas outside the house.  That’s where F.R.S. (For Restless Sleepers) comes in to save the day.  In my opinion, it’s mainly an outerwear brand that has a loungewear-inspired look (and not the other way around).  There’s just a bit more structure in the pajama-looking styles that distinguish this label as something meant for outside the bedroom; it looks like an intentionalRead more

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