Everyday Luxury

IMG00373-20100427-1250Last week my husband and I embarked on a road trip to the California Baha Sur in Mexico and the Southwest USA.  Given the gift of time, a result of unexpected life’s circumstances, we decided to explore some locales that despite extensive travel throughout my life, even I had never visited.  After 10 days in Cabo San Jose and La Paz, we are flying this morning to Arizona, specifically Sedona and the Grand Canyon.  Mexico … Read More

Mother’s Day

roses2-0010_RT8-600aMy mother has been gone now many years, but before she left she bequeathed me an extraordinary life lesson.  She taught me that to be respected,   one must possess the gift of curiosity and compassion.   Truly one of the classiest woman I have ever known, my mother taught me that true beauty was in understatement and the ability to notice the quiet elegance visible in simple details.  Every Mother’s Day, I would give her a … Read More

Sleep With Yours Dreams


Some of the members of my clan are just a little bit dachshund obsessed.  It’s a legacy passed down through the females in my family over the past three generations.  I grew up with these rambunctious, impish, wiener dogs whose curious and feisty personalities and funky body shape have been humorous fodder for a plethora of teasing ( mostly by the men in our lives).    There has been Slinky, Sam, Ripples, Rocky, Bear, Libby and … Read More

Splurge on Beauty

multicolored_tulip_field8.jpg revA few weeks ago, I traveled to Washington state  to visit a client’s store located in the Skagit Valley north of Seattle and close to the Canadian border.  Although I have visited many places during my life, this is one area of the country I had never seen.  I was mesmerized by the snow capped mountains that embraced verdant farmland just beginning to yield the fields of tulips for which this region is famous.  Although … Read More

Orange; The New Red

DSCN0277Last month I was walking around the eclectic Marais neighborhood in Paris trolling for interesting ideas when I spotted this orange shoulder bag in the window of the artsy Cecile & Jeanne boutique.  I did not know that I needed a new handbag until it called my name.  My first instinct was to buy it in red.  I love red.  It’s a fashion basic that speaks strongly and makes an explosive statement.  But, I am … Read More

Simple Luxury

MorningCoffee.jpg1Last week, still in my pajamas, I was in the sunporch, enjoying my first cup of the day, at peace in an early spring sun.  I was ruminating how the simple pleasure of this everyday ritual was really one of life’s luxuries. Coffee is an essential part of my morning routine.   No matter where  I travel, I have to admit, I crave this quintessential brew.  Quality matters; smell, taste and the general feeling of comfort … Read More

Wonder Women

WonderWoman2.jpg75When I was young, buying bras was a fractious affair.  Endowed, but not particularly fleshy, I had no real pretty choices in the intimate’s market.  I was restricted to boring bras that I jokingly referred to as “erector sets”.  It did not seem fair, especially when the curvier media legends of my youth, Sophia Loren, Lynda Carter and Raquel Welch managed to project sensuality and femininity wearing barely anything.  I imagined that their lingerie was … Read More

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