This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A Woman’s Needs Inspires a Lifestyle Boutique in Canada.

It’s one week before Thanksgiving and reminiscing about holiday preparation all I can think of was the intensity of the selling floor when I was working 12 hour days, 6 days a week as a department manager in the early years of my career.  It was all about key item intensification as we set our sites on the best gifting merchandise.  … Read More

When my daughter Kate was 13, I took her to Paris hoping that the opportunity would broaden her sensibilities.  I literally had to drag her to the Musée d’Orsay to see the Impressionists.  She was much more fixated on the French Patisseries and her new found obsession with chocolate éclairs.  Imagine, then, my thrill, as I witnessed the transformation of her perspective as she began to wander through galleries devoted entirely to one school of … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A classic sleepwear style emigrates to the USA just in time for the holidays

The first lesson I learned when I migrated from the world of retail buying to product development was the importance of basics to the infrastructure of any brand.   It was more years ago than I care to mention, that I first identified the classic cotton PJ as a critical driver in a sleepwear assortment. The very … Read More

I understand anticipation. I began writing this blog a few years ago as a hobby.   Initially, I had no expectations.  I just wanted to write as I am deeply motivated by the aesthetics that make life interesting and I have a passion for lingerie because this product, above all, appeals to the sensitive side of a woman’s nature.  Now, with a modicum of pride and some market persuasion, I am about to deliver a new … Read More

BRIEF ALERT! Result Wear

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  Understated Showroom showcases an  innovative new shaping collection

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite Industry colleagues, Melissa Silvetti, informed me that she had recently relinquished her responsibility as Sr. Buyer for the elegant Journelle Lingerie boutiques to start her own contemporary sales rep business.  Aptly named Understated Showroom, Melissa has chosen this venue to continue her search for emerging lingerie design talent whose unique perspectives bring a … Read More

A Great Escape ~ P.J.Salvage

Eat your hearts out fellow northeasterners: I flew out of New York Saturday in front of a surprise snowstorm that dropped 8+ inches of snow on our autumn landscape.   I am very happy to have escaped to my favorite getaway, Los Cabos, Mexico; where I am relaxing in the sun enjoying the comfort of the balmy sunshine and light ocean breezes. The temperatures at home were precipitous, edging down to the freezing mark for … Read More

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A big risk pays off for a Maryland lingerie entrepreneur

Location, Location, Location; The first lesson I learned as a merchant is that nothing is as important to the success of a retail operation as its location.  It’s not only where you position product in the store, it’s also all about where the store is situated.  That is why when I spoke with partners Patti Platt and Sharon Borland, … Read More

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