As one might know by now, I am always ferreting trends, not because I am searching for fashion highs, but rather I can’t halt the merchant instinct that drives me.  When an idea continues to re-surface, I take note.   One direction gaining real momentum in the Lingerie world is soft bras.  Thus, my interest in the Clo Intimo line.  First and foremost, I have watched this company grow exponentially over the past 10 years under … Read More

Parallel Dressing ~ PJ LUXE

Spring 2013 Preview

“Parallel Dressing is loungerie that crosses over to sportswear”     …Peter Burke

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about P.J. Salvage that always captures my imagination, but that “Je Ne Sais Quoi” is what makes this brand so seductive.  On a personal level, it is the continual reach for that next new idea.  They are always thinking outside of the box.  This time, it is the introduction of … Read More

Meet Godiva, Irish and Bandit, three miniature horses that live the life of riley at the Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Cold Spring, NY where I volunteer to assist people with special needs.  They might look pint sized but believe me they have huge personalities, with no idea that they are ¼ the size of pasture mate, Otto.  I have nicknamed them my little mini coopers because they are as adorable as my beloved sports coupe, … Read More

Only In New York

Where else but in NYC could I find this crazy angel flitting around Greeley Square Park while playing her silent flute. Of course I had to take her picture.  Not in the least bit put off, she actually came forward and kissed me on the cheek.  And I, the incredulous New Yorker, could not decide whether to smile or run away quickly to wash my face. First, is this encounter with the tutu laden nymph … Read More

The slight shift in the weather this week had me thinking.  I used to go to France every September to shop the stores and attend the fabric shows.  Mandatory on my agenda was a trip to the Marché Aux Puces, the celebratory Paris flea market, where inspiration can jump out from the rambling assemblage of eccentric, elegant and engaging shops.  This shopping mecca is a crossroads of art, steeped in history, and ratified by the … Read More

Romance Returns ~ Amulette


I think that I am just a little bit in love.  I am inspired by the sophisticated underpinnings that so eloquently define the Amulette brand.  I have been watching this label for several seasons now and have grown more and more enamored with these beautifully conceived collections of romantic lingerie designs made in Columbia with exquisite European fabrics and laces.  I am always careful in my assessment of intimate potential, preferring a watchful strategy.  … Read More

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