Reinvent Yourself!

vintage jewelryI was rummaging through an old box of vintage costume jewelry the other day and was struck by how unique these pieces were.  I keep thinking how matronly I thought they were when my mother showed them to me years ago.  Now, they seem so interesting.   I  wonder how they might look pinned on a particular linen jacket in my closet.

I think the juxtaposition of the new with the old is a real fashion statement.

 A while ago, I had the opportunity to review The Betsey Johnson Intimates line at the Carole Hochman showroom.  Besides the fact that this collection is so well merchandised, I was particularly impressed with how Carole used knitted nylon tricot to design baby dolls and chemises that looked sexy, sassy and new.  She has taken this basic nightgown fabric used for traditional lingerie for my mother’s generation, and reinterpreted it for the modern girl … ...Read more

Spoil Yourself!

chocolatesI have always believed that shopping at the ideal Lingerie Boutique is like diving into a box of gourmet chocolates.  I want to lose myself in the rich sweet flavor and feel great during the entire experience.  Once and awhile, breaking the rules should be satisfying.

 For me, one of the best venues for indulging the urge to treat myself is the iconic lingerie store, La Petite Coquette, located in downtown NYC.  The sexy retro vibe and European flair combined with the warm, welcoming atmosphere are a special shopping treat.

Backed by a 30 year history, the expertise in bra fitting and the pitch perfect presentation of current and developing trends in the lingerie world, make this the ultimate shopping pleasure.  Can’t get to the city? Visit them on line at www.thelittleflirt.comla_petite_coquette_window

Find a full line of high quality brands such as Chantelle, Simone Perele, Aubade, … ...Read more

State of Grace

TriggerHorses are my passion! This is Trigger. He belongs to my friend Gale and I have a tremendous crush on him. Horseback riding is a sport I took up, just 5 years ago and now, I ride every week. I have decided that moving in tandem with a horse is being in a state of grace.


For me, comfort during sports has always been a challenge. I have struggled with finding a sports bra that really fits, shapes, and even flatters. The fact is, I am larger than a D cup with an average band size. I need real support and personally, I do not want to feel as if I am wrapped in a bandage.


Recently, while shopping at  Bella Intimates in Rye, N.H., I discovered the perfect sports bra from   Wacoal ,   style # 855170. What makes it so amazing, is the innovative construction. The covered wires … ...Read more

 In early June, I went to the New York Botanical Gardens  to see the spring Dutch Bulb display, but what really intrigued me were the plethora of peonies wrapped around the main greenhouse.  Layers of petals unfold when a peony blossoms.   big pink peony (2) (1)The inside of a pink peony is a perfect metaphor for spring 2010 lingerie. It is silky, soft, cool, light, a statement of sensual innocence.  Look at the stamen and imagine three delicate birds, their tiny fuzzy heads reaching up from a coral peony smwispy yellow nest, open purple mouths waiting for nourishment.   Mixing textures, pale pastels, lush flowers, deep purple and yellow highlights are key trends going forward.


Inspiration comes from everywhere.

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lingerie main imageI have decided to write down my thoughts here about the lingerie industry because frankly, after 25 years of immersion in this venue, I feel certain that I have a perspective and an insight that is unique. After all, I am constantly exposed to the market, both retail and wholesale under the umbrella of my consulting business, Intimate Product Concepts.

When I interviewed for my first buying job with Mickey Drexler, who was then MVP for Ready to Wear at Abraham and Straus (now part of Federated Dept Stores), we had a very interesting merchandising conversation that has been implanted in my brain ever since. Mickey asked me why I was wearing the outfit I had chosen for that day, a Kenzo tunic and Frye boots. He liked the unexpected combination. And then he told me how that morning, while he waited with his son at the bus stop, he … ...Read more

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