referencias utilizadas - van-gogh-vincent-starry-nightI wrote my final thesis in college on Vincent Van Gogh and the impact that the color yellow had on his paintings.  It seems counterintuitive that this color, a symbol of optimism, is so pervasive in the creations of such a tortured soul. Perhaps it can be attributed to his … ...Read more

Feminine Mystique

cassattmotherI have always been intrigued with art that focuses on the grace and beauty of the feminine mystique.  I have collected illustrations and prints that depict woman engrossed in the simple acts of daily life; bathing, drinking a cup of tea, ironing, or nursing.  Many artists have managed this pictorial … ...Read more

Tactile Beauty

avatar-insert.jpg1I am not much of a movie aficionado, but last week I went to see Avatar, because I was curious 3680538178_4460e9f672.jpg 1about the 3D effects.   I did not expect to leave so inspired, not only by the innovative film technology but also by a storyline critical to sustaining our environment, our … ...Read more

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