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Parfait Lingerie Maya bra on Lingerie Briefs

I’ve been more than a little obsessed with lightweight bras recently! They used to be incredibly hard to find in larger cup sizes so I always assumed I’d never be able to try one. In my eyes, the mesh plunge bra was pretty much the perfect summertime basic – if only someone made one in a wider size range.

While the new Maya Bra by Parfait doesn’t quite come up to my … Read More


Prima Donna Waterlily Passion sheer bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Summer is in full swing here in New Orleans which means the “feels like” temperature is about 109 on a daily basis. Everyone is pulling out their lightest clothing and spending as much time in the air conditioning as possible. Even my dog spends all his time napping on the air conditioning vents! The weather has me dreaming about sheer bras and light as air lingerie to go with my summer wardrobe.… Read More


Uye Surana lingerie for sizes 28-42, A-H cups & XS-3X featured on Lingerie Briefs

What does size equality really look like when it comes to fashion and lingerie? Many prominent companies are starting to argue that it’s pretty simple: equality is when a store carries a full size range of items that are all the same. While Uye Surana isn’t one of the companies explicitly making that argument in their marketing materials, I would argue that they are a great example of what those principles look … Read More


Royce Lingerie: Blosson wirefree bra as feature on Lingerie Briefs

Bralettes are still a dominating market force, but there are many women who are looking for a different kind of wireless bra. Beyond new mothers, we don’t talk about them much! There can be lots of reasons that women develop a dedication to wireless bras. Some women have health conditions that make wearing underwires deeply uncomfortable. Some women have skin sensitivities. Some women dislike the sense of restriction that comes with wearing … Read More


Ellen on her horse Grenada

Ellen is in family wedding mode this week, so I’m taking the reins in this column space to reveal a big secret recently shared with me.  She’s cheating on her tried and true sports bra and having a love affair with Curvy Couture’s Ultimate Fit Sports Bra! She’s written a lot of articles about her devotion to another style and claims she never intends to discard it. But she can’t stop talking … Read More


URTUMUCH Taurus MAXI loungewear for Plus sizes on Lingerie Briefs

One of the first things you figure out as a plus-size women is that you’re supposed to take up as little space as possible. On planes, public transportation, and in restaurants you sit there and think about how to fold yourself into as small a space as possible. You worry if spaces are made to fit you. You worry what people will think of you if you can’t manage to fit in … Read More


Solstice Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

One of my favorite things about social media is the way it has allowed completely new designers to open up the conversation about what both lingerie and lingerie marketing can look like. While the larger North American market frequently stays focused on things like continuity colors and t-shirt bras, young designers are creating away on Instagram and posting it all so customers can find them. These brands understand both the power of … Read More

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