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Tina Wilson Fashion Illustrations about the Corona Virus as featured exclusively on Lingerie Briefs

I hope all of you are safe and comfortable in your homes. I am and that is what made writing this so difficult, I could not shake the belief that right now as we face this pandemic, no one cares about fashion. I don’t, not really. I am fortunate to have a home and to be able to buy food, cleaning products and entertainment, that is the exception not the rule. Nonetheless I will try to put on a smile and write.

We are all becoming creative with our time, with our kids, with each other, and if anything at all good comes out of this, it may be we are kinder more empathetic people, we shall see.… Read More


The Red Carpet was not just any red carpet.  The 2020 Underfashion Club Femmy Gala, from the moment the doors of Cipriani 42nd street opened, was different. Perhaps it was the fierce elegance of our performer extraordinaire emcee Nona Hendryx posing for photos or the irrepressible charm of Tony Award-winning Broadway legend Irene Gandy arranging the guests for their photographs like the pro that she is. Or perhaps it was the gracious way Cyndi Lauper took to the stage to sing with her friend Nona, an impromptu bar of Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?Read More


A few years ago I was sitting in my living room waiting for the Golden Globes to kickstart the awards season. I had just gotten a new iPad, the big one that you can draw on with ease. I was watching the Red Carpet entrances and for some inexplicable reason I attempted to draw my favorites dresses the moment they came out. It was tricky until I figured out I could take a pic with my phone, sketch, and then take a pic, sketch, take a pic, as my memory wasn’t what it used to be.… Read More

A Thankful Planet


Calida sustainable 100% compostable t shirt illustrated by Tina Wilson as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Above all else I am thankful for my family, and it is a huge family. I come from a family of 10 kids, me being the oldest and I have many nieces and nephews of all ages, Peanut Butter, Nookie, Joi-Toy, Butterfly, JJ, Chillywilly, Man-man, Poopah and Delicate Flower, just to name a few. And no those are not their given names; those are my nicknames for them.

I want for them a planet that can sustain them and their friends and one day their kids, I want them to be able to live in places that are not flooded, burned to the ground or deserts with no life.… Read More


Zombie Life as illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Individually the girls were enchanting, some more than others, but as a group they were breathtaking and eerie. Their silhouettes varied in size and shape much like a Savage x Fenty fashion show, their skin endless shades of black.

I just completed the 57th New York Film Festival, an annual two-week period where I submerge myself in films, sometimes two films per day. There were many standouts, two of them had pivotal scenes of young women in their nightwear.

Not usually drawn to zombie movies I found myself with tickets to two of them this year.… Read More


Isabel Marant Spring 2020 fashion illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Seasons. Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. They are all up for grabs, we have snow in the west and beach weather in the east …in October. I should be writing about Fall silhouettes and Holiday dressing and yet I’m a bit stuck. Stuck in a heat wave and paralyzed by world events. I find myself looking to the Spring with the hopes that what is troubling us all will be gone; my soul requires this. I am either content in the past watching Kojak reruns when NYC was gritty or I’m looking to the not too distant future for relief which led me to combing through the Spring 2020 RTW collections.… Read More

Stand and Deliver


Hanky Panky lingerie as illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Social media spats…we all have them, some of us more than others. I have my share, as I am passionate about the dreadful times we are living thru and for good or bad, I tend to share them without much hesitation.  I recently had a spat with an acquaintance on social media, and we worked it out and hugged, but during the back and forth this person seemed to back down and that got me to thinking.  What do I stand for? What do any of us stand for?… Read More

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