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The queen of the bodysuit back in 92’ B.S. (before Spanx) was Donna Karan.  Oh how I wish she was around to shake things up now like she did then.  I had the great fortune to work on DK Intimates bodysuits and shapewear, to see her squeeze into them, to watch her drape them on the models, and to debate with her the merits of crotch snaps vs. no snaps for bathroom ease (a battle I lost btw).

It was a special time, when a few key brands were giving birth to the foundations of the bodysuit we know today. And while Donna’s influence still lingers, there are some noteworthy brands shaking things up and moving the bodysuit forward.

Salon de la Lingerie took place this past January in Paris at Porte de Versailles, and I was there.

In between buttery, wine soaked, sole and pate’ meals … ...Read more

By TINA WILSONTina Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

“This time I’m serious, this time I’m determined”.  “I will be better than last year”.  Sound familiar? It’s that obnoxious teeny little gym rat sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear and haunting you online. And now it’s me!  Before you click, bear with me.

I belong to a great gym, but I simply don’t go enough.  On any given day I am greeted by David Duchovny sipping a smoothie, or Tea’ Leoni holding the door open for me (trust me that will make you want to spend a few extra days on a treadmill). Once I was blessed enough to stand behind Timothy Daly in the coat line (hubba hubba)!! And before he left us and moved downtown Alec Baldwin was our official gym “mascot”.   My gym is a spotless, well run, celebrity packed gym and yet sometimes I get bored (not to be confused … ...Read more



Tina M. Wilson Fashion Illustrations on Lingerie Briefs

The Yule Log was on TV, had my cinnamon coffee, woke up in a good mood, was feeling thankful and reflective, and right on schedule…. it was Christmas Day.  Christmas Eve I was invited to a small dinner party where we dined on sublime brisket and exchanged Secret Santa gifts under 10$.  I got a Food Face dinner plate that was meant for me.  The apartment was what I call a “Woody Allen”, you know one of those NYC pads with a real dining room, a massive table with leaves that seats 12, a kitchen where guests can mill about and there is room for multiple conversations. I was the only non-Jewish person in attendance which brings me to thankfulness, I am so happy I get to live and work in a town where diversity is a given.  Not going to get all preachy on you, … ...Read more


Olivia Von Halle Queenie Kika Kimono fashion illustration by Tina M. Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

“I would go out but I haven’t got a stitch to wear” is a line from one of my favorite songs by Morrissey of The Smiths, one of my favorite singers and if you come to my home for a party you will undoubtedly hear it.  If you are the hostess, what to wear is always a dilemma.

First things first, as the hostess you are the centerpiece, what you wear, or don’t wear is key to how comfortable your guests are.  Your wardrobe signals “it’s okay to stay and party all night” or “I plan to be in bed by midnight, dishes done, so don’t get too comfy”.  Your choice of garment also lets everyone know that you are “getting your hands dirty” and will address their every whim or you are “the ice is in freezer, help yourself” type.  I’m a little of … ...Read more

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