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Amoralle Bridal Lingerie gowns illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

So many beautiful pieces to choose from… that was my dilemma when sitting down to illustrate bridal themed ‘sleepwear’, though I probably shouldn’t call it sleepwear considering there is very little slumber going on.  The category is usually consisting of short flirty baby dolls, revealing corsetry, skimpy teddies and wispy wraps but sometimes a brand goes rogue like Amoralle.  They do “long and refined” like no one else, I love their flowing columns of silk and tulle that are accessorized with gloves and headpieces.  A few years ago I had the pleasure and the privilege to design Oscar De La Renta sleepwear, and bridal was a significant component. While frilly is not my thing (I am more about clean lines and silhouette) I really loved designing the bridal pieces, they were successful at retail and I hear some of the styles are still being repeated today.… ...Read more


Charnos Baily Bridal Lingerie illustrated Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Spring has finally sprung, I think?  With its arrival comes not only warm days and cool nights but a royal wedding.  Not one to get swept up in celebrity/royalty weddings, I’m a bit more excited this time around, it’s not every day a royal marries an American.  And I love Harry, he’s my favorite.

Since Victorian times, it’s been customary to give the bride to be…a trousseau.  Jewelry, toiletries, makeup even bed linens and of course lingerie comprise the list of goodies.  I am not sure about the other items on the list but bridal lingerie is as strong as ever as a category.  And now the bridesmaids have a piece of the pie, I wish I had a dollar for every bridesmaid makeup wrap sold in the past few years, but I digress.

Curvy Couture Bridal Lingerie illustrated by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

Finally, the curvy girl gets her due, strapless bras for her that stay … ...Read more


“Art has saved my life on a regular basis.” Carrie Mae Weems.

Christine Lingerie illustrated by Tina M Wilson on Lingerie Briefs: Color My Mood

Art, film, literature, and fashion, they are our storytellers. They are barometers of our mood and mirror our times. I believe the diverse colors and infinite patterns I see all around are in defiance of the current dark tone we face, and are a reflection of us, the humanity and good still within.

Christine Lingerie illustrated by Tina M Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

It’s no coincidence that florals are everywhere, that they keep getting stronger and more complex.  They were abundant at Curve, Interfiliere and currently on the streets.  Flowers make me happy, they make us happy and I for one am craving happiness and hope. Christine owns the floral print on silk.  She takes them and blurs them to muted perfection, she mixes them with fauna, she borders them and displays these works of art on shapes that are fluid and uncomplicated.

Hanro illustrated by Tina M Wilson on Lingerie Briefs: Color My Mood

Other signs … ...Read more


Bordelle Bondage on Lingerie Briefs illustrated by Tina Wilson

I hope to come back in my next life as a movie critic AND a costume designer.  I see lots of films; mainstream films, art house films and I attend film festivals.  I love the escape and I love the visual stimulation that comes with a great film. I often imagine while watching a movie how I would dress a particular character better than the actual designer on the set.  So when I set out to write this blog I wanted to bond intimate apparel and film.  What better way than bondage and S&M?   Bordelle was the obvious choice.

Bordelle Bondage on Lingerie Briefs illustrated by Tina Wilson

Bordelle’s bondage inspired underpinnings defy conventional construction and they defy conventional attitudes on bondage.  The beauty of what they create takes it well beyond the original intent and into the mainstream and yet remains true to the brand and true to the customers who embrace bondage. The term … ...Read more

Warrior Women


Fashion Illustration Anita Active by Tina Wilson on Lingerie Briefs

I remember the first time I entered Paragon Sporting Goods, the iconic purveyor all things athletic and adventurous.  I came to NYC very young, to go to Parsons School of Design. NYC was raw and creative, it was filthy, even a bit dangerous and I lived on Union Square a block from Paragon.  It was heaven and I want to go back in time, I miss it terribly.   We were “warriors”, my roommates and I and I am happy to say we all survived the mean streets, the early morning club hopping, the all night binges on whatever and the dating scene. So a few weeks ago when I entered the store for the first time in ages, a million memories flooded my senses.  Memories of looking for snow pants in preparation for my first and only ski trip.  Memories of buying sneakers because Paragon was one … ...Read more

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