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History in Black and White


Black History Month and Black owned lingerie companies as illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

The second Black queen of England was named Charlotte and she reigned during the Regency era, who knew? Not I, not before Bridgerton. Bridgerton needs no introduction; the gorgeous costumes of the Netflix hit are surrounded by as much buzz and controversy as the ‘Duke’ (his ‘beauty’ often the subject of daily text threads with my women friends). Yes, there are some inaccuracies in time as they relate to what women wore back then, but it’s Hollywood.

Black History Month and Black owned lingerie companies as illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

Peeling back the layers of those costumes, I wanted to reveal what may have lain beneath them and how they relate to the lingerie of today as represented by Black owned lingerie brands.… Read More


Fashion Illustration, Wacoal America by Tina Wilson as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Giving is the new taking. Each day that passes brings stories of people and companies helping those in need.  I do not know what it’s like to lose someone to this pandemic nor do I know someone who has lost their home, so I am reminded each day just how fortunate I am.  It’s safe to say many of us who have weathered this madness relatively unscathed, are grateful, very grateful. My hope is that most of us have found our own ways to give back, however small the gesture or the pledge.… Read More


For Love and Lemons pajama as illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

My first real encounter with the term ”transition” in fashion was being summoned from my perch just outside of Calvin’s office and into his. His private office was somewhere between a large studio apartment and an upstairs art gallery dotted with white minimal furniture. My time there at 205 West 39thstreet was the era of his “Obsession” perfume and the height of Calvin Klein jeans.  It was the debut of his underwear and hence the reason for my being there, that was my job.… Read More

VOTE-Power to the Polls


Tina Wilson Illustrates the Power of the Vote, which lingerie to wear to the polls all featured on Lingerie Briefs

Long lines, voter suppression, voter aggression and intimidation, it’s enough to make you want to stay home…Do not be deterred. Democracy needs you.  Women can be the voice that brings us out of the abyss. Women have so much to lose so we must show up.

Which brings us to what to wear, when voting?

It never mattered before. It does now.  A women’s guide to dressing for the vote is in order.


leak proof/resistant panties
wireless excessively comfortable support bra
comfy leggings
loose top
socks made for long waits in lines
antibacterial PPE

Tina Wilson illustrates which panties to wear the polls as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Never have leak resistant panties been more necessary than in our pandemic age.  … Read More


Ruth Bader Ginsburg collars as illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

My first thoughts upon hearing that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed away were selfish. They were not reflections on her resting in peace, of the loss for her family and colleagues or the end to her suffering but thoughts of my own personal melancholy. I dwelled on how we are so fu*ked with the imminent possibility of a judge who will be selected and vetted solely along partisan lines and certainly not by the content of their character.  I have since pulled myself together and have begun to grieve for the woman, the icon, and the queen of modern-day dissent.… Read More


Fashion Illustrations of Surreal Lingerie by Tina Wilson as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Our collective reality has set in. We are discovering hobbies, crafts and cooking and reacquainting ourselves with nature. We have put experiences above the material, will it last? What’s next?

I’m betting on the next phase, the phase we are entering, now that  the reality of covid life has sunk in. This new phase will be a time of escapism, fantasy, and surrealism.  A the time where we begin to rebel, where our physical confinement loses out to our imaginations. There are no other options and it will be an interesting opportunity for some.… Read More

Tina Wilson illustrates 'Revelations' on Lingerie BriefsBy TINA WILSON

Been having a lot of these lately. The definition of a 1. rev-e-la-tion is …a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made known in a dramatic way. It’s safe to say we are in the middle of a full blown revelation.

Noteworthy for me:
– Travelling is no longer my favorite thing.
– The world is more connected than I ever imagined.
– A lot of damage to the world can be done by a single human being.
– Wash your hands…all the time and water is life.… Read More

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