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Apilat Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Our niche in this Gallery is representing luxury lingerie from designers around the world, and this week we present the Ukrainian brand Apilat.  Founded as a wedding dress label in 2012 by sisters Galyna and Lyubov, it has since added bridal lingerie to its offerings in 2015.  Consistent with most bridal lingerie designs, their works are sensual, traditional and romantic, but what sets them apart from the mainstream is their precise … Read More

Wearable Art ~ MENG


MENG silk printed robes and pajamas on Lingerie Briefs

We are no stranger to the concept of luxury lingerie when it comes to our Gallery posts, and today’s feature on the U.K.-based brand MENG is no exception.  MENG is a contemporary luxury lifestyle brand with a heavy emphasis on Asian-inspired prints and styles that are tailored to suit the sophisticated woman’s taste.  If you are familiar with the label, which is sold at Selfridges, Neiman Marcus & Harrods (to name a … Read More


Reard Swimwear on Lingerie Briefs

Here’s a bit of swimwear design trivia for you:  The bikini was invented in Paris by Louis Réard in 1946 following the end of World War II.  At the time, this radical design was intended to reflect the new attitude of women who were feeling liberated and strong following the war.  That brings us to another piece of swimwear trivia: The bikini was named after Bikini Atoll, the test site for the … Read More


Voiment Intimates on Lingerie Briefs

It’s very encouraging seeing the new talent that’s emerging within the lingerie industry.  One such talent is Yuman He, an honors student from London College of Fashion who recently debuted Voiment Intimates as part of her graduating class final presentation.  This brand is not currently offered in stores, but the following images give you an idea of what the designer is expected to launch on her website (which is currently under construction).… Read More


Rose Fulbright Hand-Painted Silk Loungewear and Beachwear on Lingerie Briefs

If you have been a fan of Lingerie Briefs for some time, you are likely familiar with Ellen’s appreciation for hand-painted silks, and how art is interpreted into fashion.   Knowing that makes this feature on British loungewear & beachwear label Rose Fulbright that much more meaningful.

Hand-painted prints are at the core of every collection, with a distinct inspiration for each season’s patterns.  Launched in 2013 as a lingerie label, the designer … Read More


Lily Rouse London on Lingerie Briefs

If you were a super fan of the show Sex & the City like I was, then you may be familiar with the following Carrie Bradshaw quote from the series finale: “I’m someone who is looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other-love”.  How does that apply to this blog post?  Just replace the word love with lingerie.  It pretty much describes the type of work you will see from … Read More

G’day iolé Lingerie


iolé Lingerie in the Gallery on Lingerie Briefs

iolé is a new luxury lingerie label from Melbourne,  Australia that specializes in creating pieces that are ethically-conscious and environmentally-friendly.  It’s a brand that you might say specializes in “slow fashion”, which means its designs are not dictated by trends but rather by classic looks that will never go out of style.  Every piece created by iolé is handmade on the day it’s ordered, which means there is as little waste as … Read More

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