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Oysho on LingerieBriefs

For those of us in the lingerie industry (me being a former lingerie boutique owner), it is our job to represent a multitude of brands.  There are the labels we sell, the labels we blog about, and the labels that sponsor us.  Most important, however, are the brands we actually wear in our daily life.  We all have a particular bra and panty style that we grab from the drawer more frequently than others!  For me, there are several brands that fit that category (like Marlies Dekkers, Stella McCartney and Hanky Panky), and most recently it is Oysho. … Read More



If you’re a fan of Instagram like I am, you realize the wonderful places it can take you.  For instance one afternoon I had the pleasure of discovering the UK luxury brand Hadley Smythe.  I saw this striking girl who bears resemblance to Dita Von Teese, and instantly fell in love with the inspiration photos she posted, the multitude of pattern-filled vacation photos she has shared, and ultimately the lingerie and swimwear she has designed.  It is such a pleasure when a designer personally embodies the brand they create! … Read More


Whatever Lola Wants • Lola Devlin May 2016 on Lingerie Briefs

If you aren’t familiar with the song Whatever Lola Wants from the musical “Damn Yankees”, you might want to play that first to fully understand the inspiration behind today’s lingerie feature.  The works you see here are by Los Angeles-based designer Lisa Nicole Harbottle for the luxury lingerie brand Lola Devlin.  Founded in 2009 with a shop on Etsy, the label is about to reach new heights with its recently re-glammed website and new campaign images featuring the highly popular pin-up model Doris Mayday. … Read More

Prints Charming ~ Yolke


YOLKE on Lingerie Briefs

The concept of the matching silk pajama set is hardly new, so how is it that YOLKE makes it so fresh and covet-worthy?  The secret seems to be twofold; the designers specialize in contemporary, playful silk prints and they have successfully branded themselves as a luxury label for the lady who is part refined fashionista, part tomboy.  Whether it’s a pajama top, lounge pants or a pajama (pyjama) set, each piece is beautifully tailored and timeless.  Not only are these pieces aesthetically pleasing, designs are made from crease-resistant stretch silk, so you appear crisp and comfortable while you wear them. … Read More



“Outrageously Adorable” is the term that comes to mind when thinking of Glitter and the Moon.  This vintage-inspired label from the UK is where kitsch meets glamour.  It’s without a doubt a brand that is overflowing with frothy ruffles, dreamy chiffon and wonderful whimsy!

Established in 2015, many of the pieces by Glitter and the Moon are embellished with sequins, beads and embroidery illustrations that range from cocktail glasses, dice, and beauty salon products to burlesque girls, love letters and hearts.  There seems to be embroidery that suits the needs of every girly-girl, and to top that off, you can add your name and initials for personalization of many of the designs! … Read More


Isosceles Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

For some women, myself included, beautiful lingerie can serve as a wonderful mood-boosting pick-me-up.  When I know I have a special day ahead, I tend to select a special lingerie set to match the occasion.  Or sometimes I plan my outfit with the intention of showing just the slightest detail of my bra underneath.  With Isosceles Lingerie, you can’t help but want a reason to share the vibrant story these designs tell!  Each piece beckons for attention in the most sophisticated way, whether it’s from the dazzling neon color palette or the artfully placed geometric lines of the designs.… Read More

Morúa Corsetry & Couture



To be able to design and create lingerie is one thing, to have the skills and training to design corsets is quite another!  That is why when we discover a talent in the old world craft of corsetry:  it typically involves someone who has very specific training and tailoring expertise.  It is no surprise that Gerry Quinton, the force behind the brand Morúa, is precisely that person.  With an education beginning in fashion design at Columbia College (where she received prestigious awards for design excellence), Quinton moved to the UK to work as a pattern maker and study antique corsets in the archives of the Museum of London. … Read More

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