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Carine Gilson Luxury Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Whenever I’m in need of lingerie inspiration, my go-to brand is Carine Gilson.  Even though fashion styles come and go, Carine Gilson’s designs remain a constant; which is a good thing considering her works are costly enough to be considered “investment pieces”.

If you’re familiar with the concept of luxury lingerie, then you are undoubtedly familiar with this brand.  In fact, Carine’s eponymous label is the industry standard upon which many … Read More


Kriss Soonik on Lingerie Briefs

I have been a fan of the Kriss Soonik brand for years (even carried the label in my former boutique) so it’s a pleasure to have this platform to be able to share the current collection! The new SS17 season adds sparkle and shine to the familiar styles we love, and also introduces a few new shapes such as the sporty-looking Ilona group. The latest campaign, Caribbean Dreaming, shows us the playful … Read More


Studio Pia on Lingerie Briefs

It is my pleasure to introduce Studio Pia; a luxury lingerie brand that represents beauty on many levels.  The obvious allure is visually represented in its debut collection (made up of three ranges featured here), and its not-so-obvious beauty is revealed in its ethical design/manufacturing process.

Founded by Pia Conaghan in 2016, Studio Pia established itself as an ethically-crafted label based in the UK.  The company’s ethical ethos is to create … Read More


Murmer Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Perhaps the first (or only) lingerie brand that comes to mind when I consider the term avant-garde is Murmur.  For the last few years, Romanian designer Andreea Bădală has been creating standout collections of luxury prêt-a-porter with a risqué  lingerie twist.  The lines between the two are completely blurred in such a way to give the customer the freedom to wear pieces as either innerwear or outerwear.  The brand is perhaps … Read More


Love Stories Mix and Match Intimates on Lingerie Briefs

If anything, I love a lingerie brand with personality.  Whether it’s provocative or playful, I respect a designer that knows how to clearly translate their vision into an effective campaign.  Probably every feature I’ve done in the Gallery shares the common thread of a brand that has gone above and beyond the bland “corporate catalog” images and delivered something magical.  In this case, I am sharing a successful large brand that happens … Read More


Suzy Black Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

It happens to be International Women’s Day as I write this post, and somehow seems incredibly appropriate that I am writing about the brand Suzy Black.  The founder of this lingerie label (Diondra Julian) refers to herself as a “Chief Panty Enthusiast, Designer, Wife, Mom and Reveler” so I can’t help but think that she is precisely the type of woman we are celebrating today.  This is a brand that celebrates … Read More


Amoralle Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

If there’s a lingerie brand that understands opulence, it’s Amoralle.  Sweeping gowns, oversized bows, silk, tulle and lace combinations…it’s all there.  The campaign images for this brand are equally lush, with dramatic landscapes, even more dramatic hair and an abundance of flowers; there’s no holding back.  I’ve followed this brand for several years (for so long, that I remember it used to go by a different name), and Amoralle has consistently … Read More

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