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Murmer Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Perhaps the first (or only) lingerie brand that comes to mind when I consider the term avant-garde is Murmur.  For the last few years, Romanian designer Andreea Bădală has been creating standout collections of luxury prêt-a-porter with a risqué  lingerie twist.  The lines between the two are completely blurred in such a way to give the customer the freedom to wear pieces as either innerwear or outerwear.  The brand is perhaps … Read More


Love Stories Mix and Match Intimates on Lingerie Briefs

If anything, I love a lingerie brand with personality.  Whether it’s provocative or playful, I respect a designer that knows how to clearly translate their vision into an effective campaign.  Probably every feature I’ve done in the Gallery shares the common thread of a brand that has gone above and beyond the bland “corporate catalog” images and delivered something magical.  In this case, I am sharing a successful large brand that happens … Read More


Suzy Black Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

It happens to be International Women’s Day as I write this post, and somehow seems incredibly appropriate that I am writing about the brand Suzy Black.  The founder of this lingerie label (Diondra Julian) refers to herself as a “Chief Panty Enthusiast, Designer, Wife, Mom and Reveler” so I can’t help but think that she is precisely the type of woman we are celebrating today.  This is a brand that celebrates … Read More


Amoralle Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

If there’s a lingerie brand that understands opulence, it’s Amoralle.  Sweeping gowns, oversized bows, silk, tulle and lace combinations…it’s all there.  The campaign images for this brand are equally lush, with dramatic landscapes, even more dramatic hair and an abundance of flowers; there’s no holding back.  I’ve followed this brand for several years (for so long, that I remember it used to go by a different name), and Amoralle has consistently … Read More

Swiss Miss ~ Lyn Lingerie


Lyn Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

It seems as though each week I am covering lingerie from a different country!  Just this year alone I have covered brands from France, Russia, Belgium, Poland and the USA.  So without further ado, this week’s intimate apparel country of choice is Switzerland!  The brand being featured is Lyn Lingerie, which is a bold, modern line that is perhaps best known for its striking bodysuits and ‘crop top’ bras.  I knew … Read More


Chantal Thomass Lingerie Campaign on Lingerie Briefs

If there’s any lingerie designer that understands the value of pulling out all the stops for a seasonal campaign, it’s Chantal Thomass!  For as long as I can recall (perhaps the last 10 years?), the eponymous French lingerie brand has teamed with the incomparable Ellen von Unwerth to create its editorial campaigns.  Each year, new collections are presented in full glamour with often coquettish, whimsical images.  In fact, most years, the … Read More


Corporelle Lingerie On Lingerie Briefs

I recently attended a workshop for a fascinating new concept called Fashion Feng Shui.  At the heart of this practice you learn why you purchase the clothes you purchase, why you purchase certain items and never wear them, and you learn which fashion element best represents your true style and how to use that element to select future fashion purchases.  That’s basically the super abbreviated version of what Fashion Feng Shui is … Read More

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