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Odds are, you are quite familiar with the brand Bordelle.  If not, it is my privilege to get you acquainted.  Since 2009, Bordelle has changed the game in luxury lingerie, and more specifically with bondage-inspired intimates.  This UK label made the risqué just a bit more mainstream and S&M a bit more palatable, perhaps because it is infused with high-fashion glamour and created with groundbreaking designs.

The current  Bordelle  Autumn/Winter 2016 season … Read More


Julia Noni boudoir photography on Lingerie Briefs

At the very heart of this website is a celebration of femininity.  We understand the power of the female spirit, the beauty of a woman’s body, and recognize the unique talent of women-owned businesses.  More specifically, however, we encourage women to adorn their bodies with only the very best undergarments.  We celebrate the beauty in the ritual of dress and undress. It should come as no surprise that we are also drawn … Read More



As most of you know, today is Halloween; a holiday that delights in shadowy figures and spooky costumes, and an evening when celebrations run late into the wee hours when the chilled air is filled with mystery.  Rather than go the obvious lingerie route for this special day (i.e. risqué, tasteless costumes), I wanted to present a brand that captured the moody mystery of All Hallows’ Eve.   Granted, there’s nothing spooky about… Read More



Having owned a lingerie boutique for nearly a decade, I still look at new lingerie collections in terms of what I would or would not carry in my shop.  Every now and then there’s a brand that I just know my customers would have loved, and that I would have had fun promoting.  Luckily, I still have an outlet for my enthusiasm for inspiring works via this blog, and it gives me … Read More



Erica M. is a New York-based brand known for creating alluring legwear and bodysuits that double as a decorative second skin.  Each piece is made combining high-tech knitting patterns and designer Erica Young’s intricate, provocative designs. They are truly body art.

Established in 2012 with a primary focus on hosiery, Erica M. has since expanded into lingerie with an emphasis on bodysuits with strategically placed design details.  Each collection is created with … Read More


Andres Sarda Spring / Summer 2017 on Lingerie Briefs

Several years ago there were not many lingerie blogs in existence; in fact there was a group of maybe 5-10 of us who blogged regularly, had our niche and knew one another.  In those “early days” of blogging one of my favorite stories to consistently cover was the Andres Sarda runway show.  Nearly every year this Spanish luxury lingerie label would pull out all the stops and showcase its brand in the … Read More


Temper Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

There’s no reason why black lingerie gets to have all the fun! It turns out that all-white lingerie can be equally sexy, and can forego the typical classification of being “bridal”.  UK designer Amelia Firth-Waugh has created the brand Temper Lingerie as a way of reinventing the role of white intimates.  It’s no surprise that her creative influence and professional background includes internships at Chromat (see some similarities?) and Alexander McQueen, and … Read More

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