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Chantal Thomass Lingerie Campaign on Lingerie Briefs

If there’s any lingerie designer that understands the value of pulling out all the stops for a seasonal campaign, it’s Chantal Thomass!  For as long as I can recall (perhaps the last 10 years?), the eponymous French lingerie brand has teamed with the incomparable Ellen von Unwerth to create its editorial campaigns.  Each year, new collections are presented in full glamour with often coquettish, whimsical images.  In fact, most years, the … Read More


Corporelle Lingerie On Lingerie Briefs

I recently attended a workshop for a fascinating new concept called Fashion Feng Shui.  At the heart of this practice you learn why you purchase the clothes you purchase, why you purchase certain items and never wear them, and you learn which fashion element best represents your true style and how to use that element to select future fashion purchases.  That’s basically the super abbreviated version of what Fashion Feng Shui is … Read More


Maison Marcy pajamas for men and women on Lingerie Briefs

I sure do appreciate a brand that has personality.  I also appreciate a brand that incorporates adorable canines into their campaigns.  That’s where the brand Maison Marcy captured my attention.  Within moments of seeing their first image, I knew I needed to see more.  This is perhaps the first brand I’ve personally featured in the Gallery that designs for both men and women; it’s actually much harder for me to generate interest … Read More


Le Petit Trou lingerie at Salon de la Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I must admit, when I think of Polish lingerie brands, I can’t help but think of utilitarian styles and the typical product photography that accompanies them. I feel bad generalizing like that, but it’s simply been my experience.  Which is why I was completely surprised that a brand I had been admiring from afar, Le Petit Trou, was indeed Polish!  Granted, the French name threw me off, and if you aren’t … Read More


For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to marabou slippers. You know the ones; the high heel boudoir slipper with the flirty little puff of feathers or fur at the toe. I recall when I was 6 years old and being at a girlfriend’s house whose mother owned a pair of these slippers in white. You bet I was taking any chance I could get to play dress-up … Read More


Miss Mosh in Dotties Delights Vintage Inspired Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

There really is nothing so thrilling as when your favorite lingerie designer pairs up with your favorite model; the combination is magical!  The recent collaboration between lingerie brand Dottie’s Delights and vintage style icon Miss Mosh is a match made in heaven.  This is perhaps the third time the two have collaborated, and once again you can see why they were made for one another.  In fact, many of the designs from … Read More


Fraulein Kink on Lingerie Briefs

Fraulein Kink is one of those brands that continues to impress me.  I’ve been a fan for years (I once carried it in my old store Faire Frou Frou), and it pleases me to see that the products and campaigns are just as beautiful as ever.  If you are unfamiliar with this brand, Fraulein Kink is a luxury lifestyle brand that specializes in high end bondage fashion accessories.  Each item is created … Read More

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