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A Knock Out Win!

By Ali Cudby

Get a bunch of MBA’s in a room and you might expect them to focus on the next big technology play or Wall Street bull, but in the 2012 Harvard Business School competition for Alumni Entrepreneurs, Knock Out!® panties KO’d the other 130 new companies in the field to take home the championship belt.

Knock Out!®, owned by Harvard MBA Angela Newnam, is the first woman-owned venture to win … Read More

By Ali Cudby

That’s A Wrap!

There’s no question that women are increasingly turning to shapewear in their wardrobes, but not all shapewear is created equal.  Differences often come down to the technology that goes into manufacturing the various brands.  In an effort to help shed the light on some of the leading innovations, I spoke with the manufacturers of Body Wrap® to learn more about the technology that goes into their product.  Here’s … Read More

The Full-Busted Swimwear market has exploded in the past several years, and many companies take different approaches to supporting the girls.  Here are just a few of the styles of construction out there for swim.

First of all, a note: I have never understood the tankini.  It’s a bathing suit for women who want the sass of a bikini but with a little more coverage.  A woman who wants that modest two-piece is likely to … Read More

By Ali Cudby

It is always exciting to see established lingerie brands expand their range.  When they grow into full-busted sizes, it’s a decision made only after careful consideration.  Full-busted bras are a tricky business because asking a small strip of fabric to do the job of supporting and shaping larger breasts means more engineering, new fit models, possibly even different manufacturing techniques.  In other words – it takes real work and dedication to excellence … Read More

By Ali Cudby

Panache’s Tango has been celebrating its 10th birthday this year by introducing Tango Luxe, a fancier sister to the balconette and plunge styles.  Having experienced the amazing lift and shape of Luxe, I was inspired to learn more.

Samantha Smith, Senior Designer at Panache was kind enough to answer a few questions, which have also whetted my appetite for the future of Tango Luxe.

1)  Panache could have done Read More

by Ali Cudby

There’s a tug-of-war in the American bra market.  Women scream for smooth, smooth, smooth when it comes to the design of their bra cups.  But let’s face it – smooth can get boring.  Manufacturers look for new ways to bring aesthetic appeal into the contoured cup bra.  Some add embellishment to the band or straps and leave the cup pristine – Simone Perele’s Andora Molded Bra is one example.

Others add a … Read More

by Ali Cudby


Consider the technical challenges of creating lingerie.  No matter how carefully a manufacturer designs a garment, as soon as any pattern is incorporated into the fabric there will be differences from size to size.  It’s simply impossible to make a pattern identical when the area covered by the bra elements change between sizes.

That has been the rule, until now.  Technology is changing the way fabrics are created, which means new and … Read More

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