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Songe strapless bra by Maison Lejaby as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Maison Lejaby showcases lily white as a must have color for Spring 2020. Featured in its iconic Miss Lejaby, Mandala, and Henné lingerie collections, it is also the highlight of the recently launched Songe hauteur Bridal statement. Known for its modern design aesthetic, bold style and affordability, these collections are a fresh expression of the Maison Lejaby French allure. The consistent design aesthetic: bold, fresh and easy styling contribute to the brand appeal. They are bridal ready but everyday right for a variety of women sizes from A-G cups and 32 -40 cups.… Read More

Unashamedly feminine, incredibly soft and exceptionally beautiful, Maison Lejaby adds another layer of value to their eponymous Lingerie brand with the spring 2020 launch of the Shade Collection. Designed with a combination of shiny satin fabric and a color shaded stretch lace, these styles are a subtle play of opacity and transparency. A modern statement of organized elegance, Shade is available in creamy opaline, midnight blue and peony pink and is constructed for everyday comfort. Fitting sizes 32-40 and B-F cups, the collection  includes 4 bras, 4 panties and a bodysuit.… Read More

Maison Lejaby Spring 2020 Swimwear Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

In our continuing effort to share the best beach and pool wear with our readers, Maison Lejaby’s expertise in lingerie fit and development is on display here. Harking back to the golden years in Hollywood and the eternal allure of the west coast lifestyle, Maison Lejaby has created a modern swimwear collection saturated with the colors of the California landscape. Styled to capture the sleek, chic style that defines the brand’s unique French signature, these seven collections embody a timeless design ethos. One piece and two-piece bathing suits, covering sizes 32-40, B-F cups and XS-XL are previewed here for Spring 2020.… Read More

Maison Lejaby ushers in the holidays with the passion and power of red and black with the Attrape Fleur and Black Dahlia lingerie collections. Passion, power and a modicum of danger, these pieces are a gift of elegance for a sophisticated woman.

Attrape Fleur is a seductive five-piece collection borrowing from Lejaby’s successful Attrape Coeur styles.  Constructed in a transparent voile and ultra-light microfiber, it features an exclusive Camelia embroidery and is available in bras from 30-40, C-H cups and panties XS-XL.

Black Dahlia, a haute couture collection is shrouded in mystery.… Read More

Maison Lejaby Sin Collection featured on Lingerie BriefsSin lingerie collection from Maison Lejaby is inspired by the singular atmosphere of shaded gardens, with their interplays of shadow and light that draw botanical arabesques. Sin accentuates the body’s curves with its large, sensual vegetal designs.

Sin took shape in their workshops in Lyon, in the expert hands of their lingerie seamstresses. It is here that, since 1930, MAISON LEJABY cultivates its know-how and assembles the fifty pieces and ten materials of a bra, according to 22 stages of manufacture.

Read more about the evolution of SIN by Maison Lejaby…
Maison Lejaby Sin Collection featured on Lingerie Briefs
Maison Lejaby Sin Collection

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Maison Lejaby Lingerie Jungle Fever Bodysuit as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The animal trend finds more traction this month with the introduction of Maison Lejaby’s Jungle Fever Collection. Seductive, savage and sophisticated this 4 piece holiday capsule plays elegantly off the engineering of Lejaby’s best-selling Nu-Fit signature tri-band elastic construction. Designed with a flocked velvet spotted motif on tulle they range in sizes XS-XL for the tanga and brief and XS-M for the bralet and bodysuit.

Maison Lejaby Lingerie Jungle Fever bra;lette and brief as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Maison Lejaby Lingerie Jungle Fever bra;lette and brief as featured on Lingerie Briefs

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Maison Lejaby Venus Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Oscar Wilde said “Life imitates art more than art imitates life”. Venus, the goddess of love and beauty was immortalized in Renaissance art by the famed paintings of Sandro Botticelli: The Birth of Venus and Primavera. The concept of celebrating the female body does not escape analysis. Women have held sway in art for centuries. Could that be why The Maison Lejaby Venus collection in stores now is so captivating?

Maison Lejaby Venus Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Botticelli’s goddesses were center stage on canvases of fresco color, embraced by botanical motifs, mythological patterns and shapes.… Read More

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