Spotlight on Maison Lejaby

Softness to the touch, naturalness and supreme comfort aptly describes the new Adage everyday collection from Maison Lejaby. This innovative line is made entirely of 100% stretch cotton with clean cut pieces and smooth, elastic cotton lace. The Adage range is not only esthetically beautiful and comfortable for everyday wear, it also includes the brand’s first post-mastectomy bra specially designed to offer soothing support for women affected by breast cancer.Maison Lejaby introduces the Adage Post Surgery bra featured on Lingerie BriefsWith an innovative design, the Adage Post Surgery Bra features wire-free soft cups made with 100% stretch cotton and feminine stretch cotton lace.… Read More

This fall Maison Lejaby delivers an intimate duet of function and fashion with its new Pas de Deux collection. A modern interpretation of feminine fortitude, these are soft, supportive, comfortable lingerie pieces that are a bow to the brand’s mission of bringing French charm to everyday lingerie. Designed in the Lyon, France studios with a combination of a delicate floral lace and a modern satin stripe lace, these styles are constructed from recycled materials that are all OEKO-TEX® certified.  Seven shapes ranging in sizes 30-42, B-H cups and XS-XL panties are available now in peach and rosewood with volcano (almost black) arriving in November

Maison Lejaby Pas de Deux Underwire triangle bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsUnderwire Triangle #20834 from 32-38, B-D

Maison Lejaby Pas de Deux Full Figured underwire bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsFull Support Underwire #20837 from 30-42, C-H

Maison Lejaby Pas de Deux contour bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsContour Bra #20816 from 32-38, B-E

Maison Lejaby Pas de Deux Collection full figure contour braFull Figure Contour #20817 from 32-42, C-G

Maison Lejaby pas de deux contour bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

 … Read More

Maison Lejaby Jazz balconet bra in Ocean Blue as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Blue: identified by experts worldwide as the most popular color for 2020, is associated with confidence, calm, intelligence, and responsibility. No wonder Maison Lejaby is offering this rich shade of ocean blue this fall in both their luxurious Grace collection and the new Jazz standard repertoire. Always on point with current cultural direction, both groups standout as an homage to the Maison Lejaby contemporary design aesthetic

Maison Lejaby Jazz full cup bra in Ocean Blue as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Jazz, now available in store, is a 7-piece collection of 4 bras and 3 panties ranging in sizes A-H cups, 30-42 bands and XS-XXL panties.… Read More

Maison Lejaby NUFIT triangle bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Lingerie Brief’s first foray into the Maison Lejaby mystique was in the fall of 2018 when we introduced the brand in our Partner Spotlight with their “immensely popular” NUFIT Collection. As with any smart merchandising approach, Maison Lejaby has capitalized on the huge success of this iconic collection by expanding its core offer over the past 2 years from 9 shapes to  11 styles in sizes ranging from 30-40, B-H, XS-XXL. This season goes one step further introducing a Limited Edition of fashion colors, ripe for hi-summer and delivering in August.… Read More

By Ellen Lewis

Timing is everything and so, even though I have been “chomping at the bit” to feature the Maison Lejaby Joli Coton collection ever since I saw it, I had to respectably wait. Obviously, the events of the past few months have halted any cruise, beach, or other vacation plans.

Maison Lejaby Joli Coton demi bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

But now summer is officially here.  And Jolie Coton, a range of pure white cotton bras and panties that easily cross over to outdoor wear, is a perfect game changer. The world is opening up and I am, as you read this, in my home in Cabo San Lucas for a brief, albeit, much-needed getaway and an assessment of my house after too many months of neglect.… Read More

Something beautiful is blooming at Maison Lejaby this Spring. The Belrose Collection, in a soft lily print, replicates the iconic Miss Lejaby best-selling shape and fit. Captured in 4 key styles, these pieces are a beautiful floral addition to the Maison Lejaby Lingerie Garden.

Using a French semi rigid lace for the bras and a very supple stretch jacquard lace for the panties, these designs are trimmed with an openwork elastic that amplifies the light, airy feel and look of these Spring 2020 intimates.

Addressing different body needs, the underwire bra is available 32-40, B-E, while the soft cup accommodates 32-36, A-C.… Read More

La Petite Lejaby from Maison Lejaby as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Confined at home, searching for peace of mind, the best antidote is simplicity. When we dress, if we dress, we focus on comfort as well as function. Maison Lejaby’s Iconique Miss Lejaby and La Petite Lejaby collections have always provided easy fit and everyday wearability. Soft, flexible materials with intelligent detailing are engineered for lightness, flexibility and fit for women 32-40, A-E cups and XS-XL panties.  Both collections offer excellent alternatives for a contemporary woman who wants and/ or needs the perfect underpinnings. Offered in a variety of colors, the pimento shade is a season highlight.… Read More

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