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It’s peak swim season here in the Northern Hemisphere, and those shops that recognize the profit power of bathing suits engineered to fit large breasted women, are reaping the rewards. Frankly, until I began to explore the swim market, I never realized just how big the business is. It eclipses lingerie for sure; yet as extensive as the category is, I am a bit taken aback by the dearth of brands and retailers that do … Read More


In my continuing effort to recognize the needs of pregnant women and their personal rapport with their body images during the maternity process, swimwear cannot be ignored.  Yes it’s true, fashion trends have evolved (at least since I was pregnant) and regular swimsuits are perfectly acceptable. But I remember the evolving breast and belly sizes and the desire for not only fashion, but uber comfort and real support. Once again, both Cake Maternity and Cache Read More


Recently I became acquainted with the 90+ year old Lahco Swimwear company based in Baden, Switzerland. Intrigued by the brand’s vintage heritage, I learned that at one time Lahco had a history as the best-selling swimsuits in Europe. Now, re-tooled with a clean and modern look, they have entered the North American market with intent. Engineered with the precise attention to detail and fit, Lahco remains true to its Swiss DNA; swimsuits designed with retro … Read More

Mastectomy Swimwear ~ Amoena


How to make a woman feel good in her own skin; it’s the driving force behind this blog. We are interested, primarily, in the way a product can elevate self-esteem. But it’s not just the merchandise that matters, it’s the attitude that a lingerie or swimwear style can induce. Addressing the feminine state of mind with intelligence is always our goal. Women’s health issues and the impact they have on feminine confidence is a major … Read More

By Ellen Lewis


There is something about the Curvy Kate brand that always raises my youth radar. It could be that British influence, that fearless, festive, edginess that dares to be seen.  It could be the extra bow, the mixed patterns, the candy colors or the just show it attitude. Targeted at a young, confident woman who is not afraid of her curves, Curvy Kate has now taken its 28-44, D-J cup Lingerie success to … Read More

Untitled-1aOn my way back to Cabo this past fall, I suddenly realized that I did not have one bathing suit upon which I could depend.  Time was short, so I called my friends at Panache and did something I rarely do and asked for help. I needed a swim suit quickly to insure I had at least one when I left.  Much to my surprise, I received several, all of which I … Read More

Swim With Confidence



Winter is here and it is time for comfort foods and holiday treats, to warm our selves by the fire and to sip hot cocoa.  It’s a time to daydream about tropical beaches and our upcoming winter vacation. But with all of this comes the dread of baring our sun-starved yet overfed bodies for all of the world to see and the intimidating process of finding a bathing suit that fits.… Read More

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