Swim Briefs


Lucky for me, I am willing to try new things. Too bad for me that I had made an assumption about the Miraclesuit swimwear brand. I thought this brand was for older women (not that I don’t fit into that category) who do water exercises in their club pools. A few weeks ago, I spent time with the brand’s marketing team in their NY showroom basically because I am on … Read More


bl-amoressaAmoressa by Miraclesuit

The Las Vegas Curve Show experienced a face-lift last week in its new location at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show, which has been shrinking with every season for the last few years, made a move to join the extremely successful MAGIC trade show. Despite many lingerie vendors deciding to wait and see how the new venue played out, the turnout was good. … Read More


I just moved into an old, never renovated 1950’s house replete with retro character; my words for never updated. It brings back memories of my family home and week-ends spent in Atlantic Beach, NY. My mother and her friends congregated under beach umbrellas by our cabana wearing their one piece skirted bathing suits. We went seaside, mostly to avoid parental governance.  Swimwear fashion in the 1950′,s now considered vintage design … Read More


There is no doubt that the French Riviera’s very character is a brand unto itself. Somehow the melange of fashion, money, fabulous weather and gorgeous beaches has secured its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous. So when I checked out the Antigel swimwear line by the very French Lise Charmel Group, I was expecting couture beachwear. But it seems that the brand has decided to cultivate its … Read More

Miami Swim Show Trends



Mid July brings the largest swimwear tradeshow in the world to Florida’s Miami Beach. The Swim Show is the official launch for over 2,500 of the industry’s leading lines. It is the unveiling of fashions to come for the upcoming year. The show lasts four days and is attended by over 3,000 buyers from across the world. I am one of those buyers.

This year’s show was

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marilyn 1950Marilyn Monroe 1950

What goes around comes around, particularly in fashion. So, it’s not surprising that the brief is on the rise, both in lingerie collections and swimwear. I was scouring through some old photos of feminine icons the other day, celebrities that graced the media in the 1940’s to the 60’s. It’s uncanny how the two piece bathing suit designs worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, … Read More


This was my last day at the beach, probably until I return to Mexico next fall. I am New York bound this week. One thing I can tell you for certain; bathing suits have infiltrated my psyche in Cabo San Lucas. There are more swim stores here than Lingerie Boutiques (of which there are almost none).  The jamboree of vibrant color playing pool and seaside here truly raises the volume.  … Read More

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