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2016 Miami Swim Show featured on Lingerie Briefs

I was 26 years old when I began working in the swimwear industry. Back then the largest size in a bikini was an XL, mix and match separates were unheard of, tankinis didn’t exist and one piece suits only came two flavors: old lady florals with full coverage or a no support tank style, usually in a color block. Twenty years later, and the swimwear market caters … Read More

Peachy Pairs 2017 Swim Briefs by Curvy Kate on Lingerie Briefs

Swim season is in high gear, which in the world of retail often means that the summer sales are front and center. For buyers, the Spring 17 season is in full bloom.  Last week was Salon Mode City in Lyon, France and today, The Miami Swim Show takes off. I was going to attend, but I’ve got terrific eyes on site with my colleague, Kimberly Berger, owner of Lion’s Lair … Read More

Photo by Wolf Ademeit on Five hundred as seen on Lingerie Briefs

Exotic animal photography by Wolf Ademiet, heirloom Hermes scarves and Swarovski artistic bling: these could be prescient inspiration for the 2017 Prelude Milano Luxury Swimwear Collection. Designed in the Jolidon European atelier in European fabrics this is a collection of elegant body sculpture. Here in Cabo, I can imagine seeing them poolside at the 5 star resorts where glamour resides. But for those of us whose daily life is … Read More

ARIZONA-MULTI-UW-TWIST-FRONT-bathing suit on Lingerie BriefsFantasie Arizona Collection

I have been in Cabo now for almost 3 months, through spring break, Easter week, and Memorial Day. Cruise ships, sometimes 3 abreast have been in the harbor almost daily until the beginning of June. This is not only an expat and getaway destination for a slew of Canadian and American tourists, but it is also a major vacation spot for Mexican mainlanders. (We are a separate, … Read More


Empreinte Swimwear on Lingerie BriefsEmpreinte

Election years are notoriously difficult for retail stores. This year’s unusual presidential race has been no exception. Combine this with the fact that most women feel far from their prettiest at the onset of bathing suit season, and swimwear retailers really have their work cut out for them in 2016. Fortunately, the swimwear industry has us covered! Their offerings this year include some gorgeous swimsuits to … Read More

Cocktails on the beach on Lingerie Briefs

This week we are voyaging on the Eastern Cape to do some exploring. Our destination: Cabo Pulmo National Park. It’s a different type of beach experience and I hope to report back about what is reputed to be some of the world’s best snorkeling. This will be a different experience than my usual seaside sojourns at the local Medano Beach. There you can find us on our chairs near Tabasco’s … Read More

Jackson-Pollock-1Jackson Pollack

Jackson Pollack was a driving force behind Abstract Expressionism. Considered a major influence in the history of modern art, redefining painting. His radical splatter paintings forever changed the way contemporary art is perceived. In many ways, the Antigel Swimwear collection is emulating his message in the bathing suit category. Using a freeform palette of vibrant  colors combined with the excellence of the Antigel construction, the La Belle Artiste … Read More

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