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Back to Eden ~ Huit Swimwear


Imagine you are shipwrecked on an exotic tropical island. What would you need to survive?  Any style from the Huit Swimwear Eden blue lagoon collection would assure maximum camouflage and just enough exposure to guarantee rescue when desired. Available 32-34, B-D cups,these designs are a paradise found.






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Stripes never go out of style and no other venue respects their integrity quite like the beach. No wonder striped swimwear has endured through the decade, the holy grail of beach design. From vintage to the contemporary design of Marlies Dekkers,  the Holi Vintage collection reinvents stripes for the modern woman.








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Walking through the exhibitions stands this past summer at the Paris Lingerie and Swimwear show, I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly at my best.  I was somewhat under the weather, and I don’t mean the 100 degree temperatures; although that certainly did add to my discomfort. In such a state, its a bit more difficult to get inspired. But, when I came across the mystical, magical Maaji Swimwear booth, somehow I forgot my malaise … Read More


Lucky for me, I am willing to try new things. Too bad for me that I had made an assumption about the Miraclesuit swimwear brand. I thought this brand was for older women (not that I don’t fit into that category) who do water exercises in their club pools. A few weeks ago, I spent time with the brand’s marketing team in their NY showroom basically because I am on a swimwear learning curve, and … Read More


bl-amoressaAmoressa by Miraclesuit

The Las Vegas Curve Show experienced a face-lift last week in its new location at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The show, which has been shrinking with every season for the last few years, made a move to join the extremely successful MAGIC trade show. Despite many lingerie vendors deciding to wait and see how the new venue played out, the turnout was good. Curve merged with the swimwear … Read More


I just moved into an old, never renovated 1950’s house replete with retro character; my words for never updated. It brings back memories of my family home and week-ends spent in Atlantic Beach, NY. My mother and her friends congregated under beach umbrellas by our cabana wearing their one piece skirted bathing suits. We went seaside, mostly to avoid parental governance.  Swimwear fashion in the 1950′,s now considered vintage design inspiration, was really rather sophisticated. … Read More


There is no doubt that the French Riviera’s very character is a brand unto itself. Somehow the melange of fashion, money, fabulous weather and gorgeous beaches has secured its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous. So when I checked out the Antigel swimwear line by the very French Lise Charmel Group, I was expecting couture beachwear. But it seems that the brand has decided to cultivate its sleek swimwear to captivate a … Read More

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