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Mid July brings the largest swimwear tradeshow in the world to Florida’s Miami Beach. The Swim Show is the official launch for over 2,500 of the industry’s leading lines. It is the unveiling of fashions to come for the upcoming year. The show lasts four days and is attended by over 3,000 buyers from across the world. I am one of those buyers.

This year’s show was my team’s most intense ever.

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marilyn 1950Marilyn Monroe 1950

What goes around comes around, particularly in fashion. So, it’s not surprising that the brief is on the rise, both in lingerie collections and swimwear. I was scouring through some old photos of feminine icons the other day, celebrities that graced the media in the 1940’s to the 60’s. It’s uncanny how the two piece bathing suit designs worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Ava Gardner, and more are … Read More


This was my last day at the beach, probably until I return to Mexico next fall. I am New York bound this week. One thing I can tell you for certain; bathing suits have infiltrated my psyche in Cabo San Lucas. There are more swim stores here than Lingerie Boutiques (of which there are almost none).  The jamboree of vibrant color playing pool and seaside here truly raises the volume.  I have no doubt that … Read More


Diving is a big sport down here in Cabo San Lucas.  I for one, have a whole hearted respect for the ocean, but going down that deep searching for the unknown evokes a feeling somewhat like the worry I had as a child, afraid to look under the bed after dark. Snorkeling is about as far under as I intend to go. True the rewards can be spellbinding, but I am staying near the surface. … Read More



Any woman blessed with a D cup or larger is familiar with the challenge of finding a swimsuit that not only flatters and fits, but also supports and contains. Fortunately, many designers have recognized the needs of the busty customer and have recently filled the gap in the market. However, not all cup-sized swimsuits are created equal. So what should you look for when buying a suit?

Tip#1: Sizing – learn your Read More


As we all know, the swimwear market is very different than the lingerie world, yet when they cross bows, the similarities elevate bathing suits to another level of expertise. First and foremost is the fit element. Lingerie bra technology serves the intimate seascape of large busted women from a knowledge base line not pursued by most established swim brands. I will admit though that many of the fashion trends apparent in the swim market are … Read More


It’s peak swim season here in the Northern Hemisphere, and those shops that recognize the profit power of bathing suits engineered to fit large breasted women, are reaping the rewards. Frankly, until I began to explore the swim market, I never realized just how big the business is. It eclipses lingerie for sure; yet as extensive as the category is, I am a bit taken aback by the dearth of brands and retailers that do … Read More

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