Swim Briefs

By Jennifer Cermak 
The polar vortex took another crack at breaking us Minnesotans in February – 17 days of school canceled and a new record breaking low of -37 in International Falls. Negative 37!! It is amazing I thawed out, and lucky me I did as the great escape is finally upon us. Spring Break is just 2 weeks away, with over 1,000 customers planned to come through my doors in the next two weeks – I am gearing up to help all those lovely ladies, and their daughters.

Spring break tends to be for the high-school age girls here in the frozen tundra. And us Mom’s use their break as an excuse to escape to Florida, Arizona, Hawaii or Mexico. It is a fun time at the store when the younger customer ventures in – looking for something different than Target, Pac Sun and department store styles or fits. … ...Read more

A Hint of Lingerie in Swimwear

by Jennifer Cermak
Lace has been a part of swimwear textiles for quite some time, thanks to the importance the design element holds in lingerie. The technologies to keep lace fade and stretch resistant when submerged in chlorine and hard minerals like salt have come a long way the last few years, moving the detail from only designer suits to include the contemporary collections. The trend is even bigger for 2014.

Beach Bunny set the stage when they introduced (years ago…) their “Lady Lace” bikini – a tiny little triangle and hipster, edged in lace. This suit in offered in multiple colors and prints each year; for 2014 it is paired with sequins! The lace waistband is “non-pinch” and oh so flattering, if you had the body to wear so little!


Paradizia Swimwear brings Arabian Nights in a monokini – a style still widely popular on the coasts in the … ...Read more

By Jennifer Cermak

With record lows hitting the states in the path of the polar vortex, travel agents are reporting a boost in sales and last-minute vacations. Many of these clients already have a week planned in March or April, but they are calling their local agents saying “Get me the heck out of here” and book a last-minute vacation in addition to their later booked plans. And while my frozen city of Minneapolis is going after a record year of sub-zero temps (it’s -9 right now!), the citizens here are also plotting their escape, and shopping for swimwear.

We get a little jealous selling swimwear to hundreds of ladies lucky enough to break out of the freezer, since they have a reason to wear all the fabulous styles we have in store! It is a fun customer – this spur of the moment vacationer… appreciating mix and match options, ...Read more

by Jennifer CermakPurple-Orchids
Expressive and exotic orchid blooms with confidence and warmth… Purple is a color you cannot quite pass by today – being Pantone’s color of the year, we have seen it pop up everywhere in fashion, interiors, and even home appliances. Purple is a flattering color that is quite easy to wear, as it blends both cool and warm undertones and remains complementary to neutral colors.

I have had purples and plums as a swimwear staple in my store for the last 7 years, even going so far to include hues in my own collections and as special runs just for my store from select designers. A rich purple, as well as a deep green have been my go to non-black basics for years. For 2014, my options seemed limitless when it came to the new trend color. Here is how I pair it:


Diva, a dazzling attention-getter … ...Read more

Be A Swimwear Diva

By Jennifer Cermak


In 1948 Diva started manufacturing swimwear using the know-how of brassieres and lingerie. In the 70’s Diva became a brand known for its elegance, impeccable fit, flattering silhouette, exclusive designs and innovative fabrics in the swimwear industry. The vision is that every lady who wares a Diva swimsuit, should feel like a diva.


The campaign for the 2014 collection is sophisticated and glamorous. You desire that lifestyle – the beach, the sun, the flowers! If you look at the swimsuits themselves, you will see styles that are actually wearable. Each and every one. Yes, we can all be a Diva.

One of my clients said: “I am comfortable with how I look at 65.   I wanted a swimsuit that supported my curves, but didn’t make me feel that I was trying to be 22 again. Diva did that the best!  Suzanne B.”


It is in the details, … ...Read more

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