Swim Briefs

By Jennifer Cermak
Cruise season is fast approaching and that means switching gears into 2014 style and trends. I think it is a perfect time to recap Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SWIM. Each show is invite only and features one designer showing in the famed white tent. Some shows I loved. Some shows I did not understand. (Picky, I may be…) Being at every single show is a bit overwhelming, and the shows tend to be focused on the skimpy. Looking back today, here are my two favorite runway presentations:


There is nothing better then sitting poolside with a (Free) drink in your hand and watching a legend of a brand present.… ...Read more

By Jennifer Cermak


With many retailers and media markets focused on the junior and surf brand lifestyle swimwear it is no surprise that people over the age of 20 are struggling to find the a suit they feel good in.

Most swimsuit shopper’s head to the mall, where customer service generally isn’t all that helpful. Here they find an assortment selected by buyers that are trend focused, and honestly fringe just looks funny on my 32-year-old self. Sizing is different in each brand, and styles are unrecognizable on a hanger.… ...Read more

nali-nanuSubmitted by Jennifer Cermak, owner of Nani Nalu Beachwear Boutique in Edina, MN

I too, have cried and verbalized self-pity alone in a fitting room with piles of swimsuits that covered too little or looked too horrid. I have been there, that dark and scary ‘I hate swimsuits’ and by default ‘I hate my body’ place. After 10 years in the swim industry working for others yet struggling to find a great fit myself, I had to do something to about it.… ...Read more

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