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Photography by BECKY YEE

Gossard Lingerie photographed by Becky Yee as featured on Lingerie BriefsGossard Lingerie

In this month’s photo editorial, Becky takes her inspiration from Queen Bey, Sasha Fierce, diva-extraordinaire, Beyonce. Like Beyonce’s girl power anthem, these lingerie looks are catchy, bold, undeniably aggressive, making women feel unstoppable. Shot in NYC and  infused with the city’s indisputable energy, they are commanding canvasses that answer the query: Who Really Runs the World? Women do!

Hanky Panky panties and Peaceful People jacket photographed by Becky Yee as featured on Lingerie BriefsHanky Panky Lingerie

Aubade, Dita von Teese, Gossard Lingerie & Falke Stay-ups as photographed by Becky Yee for Lingerie BriefsAubade, Dita von Read More

Bright Stars in a Dark Night

Photographed by BECKY YEE

Gossard- VIP Retrolution Collection- Padded Corset and Thong Jewelry Pono Jackets by Flying Solo as featured on Lingerie BriefsGossard Lingerie, Flying Solo Jacket, Pono Jewelry

The Darker the Night the Brighter the Stars. In this exclusive photo editorial, Becky Yee proves the point. Her images feature a series of lingerie brands absorbed in a panoply of light. These intimates are incandescent stars in a nebulous world. They are hero styles, luminous expressions of joy that promise that beauty will prevail, if we choose to … Read More


Le Petit Trou from Azaleas in NYC as featured on Lingerie BriefsLe Petit Trou

Full disclosure right at the outset: I’m a lingerie aficionado who happens to live a tantalizingly short block-and-a-half away from an absolutely knockout-terrific underthings store—Azaleas, located in the heart of New York’s East Village. The ultimate indie retailer, this is a white-walled intimates general store—a Downtown lifestyle mart filled with essentials and esoterica that takes its cue from and is a perfect … Read More


Le Petit Trou as featured on Lingerie BriefsLe Petit Trou

Curve NY was a major success. Taking place once again at Spring Studios in downtown NYC, the energy matched the message. Spring 23 is all about Joy and Color in our lives. Booths were packed, mainstream brands as well as newcomers. The Lingerie Briefs Salon showcased 18 entrepreneurial designers in a gallery venue attracting over 100 contacts for participants. Seminars seats were full. There … Read More


Jane Woolrich Bridal Lingerie as Featured on Lingerie Briefs

This season the bridal business is burgeoning. Wedding plans surge as the pandemic subsides. That’s good news for the Intimate Apparel business. As I have said before:

“There is an alchemy between the Lingerie and Bridal Industries. Both worlds are devoted to the feminine self. The products revealed in this space are about beauty and self-esteem; their purpose to bring pleasure, passion, and gratification to a woman’s

Read More


Lingerie Briefs Salon at Curve NY as featured on Lingerie Briefs

While I intend to showcase visual highlights mined from the Curve NY show, I have a few macro-observations I want to present. As a merchant, I am not only charged with identifying product with sales force, but also, I must sniff out shifts in consumer interest at a visceral level. This is the lingerie trade show where such vibes emerge. It is, by default of space availability, … Read More


Skin pajamas and Pluto robe as featured on Ellen Lewis on Lingerie BriefsSkin and Pluto

I am not particularly fond of blog lists rounding up the years gift ideas or proffering opinion on what are the best intimates in the market. These judgements are personal, a reflection of the authors tastes. We are a platform of merchandising information, not reviews.  It is never our intention to postulate.

But recently, in discussion with my partner Shirley and my social media … Read More

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