Alter Perception

IMG00090-20100919-1433Sometimes, when I need a little creative jump start, I like to wander around a museum, no particular destination in mind, allowing myself the spontaneity of discovery.  Last Sunday, while visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my daughter, Kate, we ventured up to the roof garden to view Mike and Doug Starn’s evolutionary installation, Big Bambu: You Can’t, You Don’t And You Won’t Stop. It turned out that this was no mere viewing, but rather, an experience of artistic persuasion that was provocative and transforming in a very essential and chimerical way.  Shaped to represent a rising wave against the New York Skyline, this dazzling construction of 5000 bamboo poles, lashed together by 50 miles of nylon cord in 20 colors, rises 50 feet in the air.  Bamboo, one of the lightest, yet strongest of nature’s mediums, forms an enormous organic jungle that seems alive with a sensual … ...Read more

Petite Pride

NYCB2 finalAs a little girl, unlike Angelina Jolie (see last week’s quote), I did not dream of being a vampire.  I was much more enamored with the ballet and particularly the uber feminine ballerinas in their ethereal tutus that I watched dancing in performances that my parents took me to as a child.   I was in awe of these dancers whose dainty bodies and fragile presence belied the extraordinary strength and stamina required to execute a perfect pas de deux.  I knew that I was witnessing an athletic feat camouflaged by exquisite costumes, inspired sets and beautiful music.  As a teenager, I was given tickets to the rehearsals for the Joffrey Ballet where I was introduced to the rigor and rapture of the modern ballet effort.  As an adult, I subscribed to The New York City Ballet, becoming a fan of the prima ballerina, Darci Kistler, whose arousing … ...Read more

Fatal Attraction

vampire bI am fascinated by the ongoing obsession of popular culture with vampires. In my parent’s generation, the classic tale of quiet evil was elegantly personified by Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  Later, when my generation was tuning up, Anne Rice captivated our fantasy of perpetual youth and mysterious romance in her Vampire Chronicles.  And today, no author better serves the quest for the fabulous forbidden other world than Stephenie Meyer’s handsome and captivating teen hero, Edward, of the Twilight Series.  These charismatic characters represent all that is not permitted:  lust for an untenable goal; the promise of seduction, the attraction of the taboo.  They are the embodiment of the ageless “bad boy”.   They represent immortal temptation and conceal the ramifications implied by the utter loss of control.  The mythology of the vampire figure has even commandeered our language.  The very essence of the feminine enigma is embodied in the … ...Read more

Honey And Salt

“Is the key to love in passion, knowledge, affection?

All three-along with moonlight, roses, groceries,

givings and forgivings, gettings and forgettings”….

Carl Sandburg’s poetic expression of the essence of real love is epitomized in his 1963 verse, HONEY AND SALT. This poem, written late in his life is a tender ode describing a true friendship between a man and a woman.  It is my favorite poem because, for me, it defines my marriage.  The balance of accord and contradiction is respected as the foundation of a relationship.  We hear so many explanations of the differences between female intuition and male perception.  We cannot deny that the feminine and masculine dichotomy is a jigsaw puzzle that propels our lives.  I witness this often in the Lingerie business.  What women buy to feel beautiful and believe to be alluring is not always the same as what men see as sexy.  For … ...Read more


Brancusi at Tate Modern 1

Studying abroad at the age of 19, I was on an excursion to the art capitals of the world when I saw my first piece of classical sculpture in Rome.  Viewing the pure white marble miracles of Michelangelo, I was emotionally transfixed.  How could anyone create such a detailed execution of the human body from such a mundane material?    Later, in Paris, I witnessed the evolution of this art form from the perfection of classicism to the emotion of impressionism in Rodin’s ardent extraction of passion from a piece of stone.   Sculpture and its ability to liberate the humanities from inanimate objects became my artistic focus.  But, it was Constantin Brancusi’s revolutionary ability to hew an abstract ideal from a basic substance that marks him as a pioneer of the modern movement.  His works are elegant and simple statements that break traditional boundaries.  My favorite is the ethereal Bird ...Read more

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