Eternal Style

Chrysler building photo from Getty ImagesThe New York skyline is an exquisite work of art, a sculpted landscape of concrete and glass that seems to defy gravity with skyscrapers whose facades soar skyward in a diaspora of architectural grace.  The details on these surfaces reflect the evolution of our national ethos and distinguish the differences that inform the New York character.  There is a vitality and sensuality in these structures that define a cultural diversity that cannot be duplicated in many other places in the world.  No two buildings are the same.  Individual statements dominate the city’s streets.  There are many dynamic landmarks in this city, but no other building characterizes New York’s nobility quite like the Chrysler Building.  Its sleek metallic spire is the crown jewel of the New York panorama.  Designed in the eclectic and geometric form of the Art Deco movement, it is a timeless masterpiece, homage to the machine-age philosophy … ...Read more

Montelle 8020

Introducing  BRIEF ALERTs ! to the Lingerie Briefs Blog: This week’s Intimate Discovery.

From Montelle Intimates based out of Montreal, Canada I am highlighting style 8020, a full coverage contour bra.  Unbelievably comfortable, with sustainable coverage for a large cup customer,  I wore it from 7AM until 11PM with no loss of support.  Available now in 34 -40, C – DDD sizes, it’s also an incredible value.  Worth looking into, we will surely blog about it in the future..

wholesale inquiries:

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The Essential Woman

seven_stones_350bYesterday was a pretty hectic day.  I was up and out by 7 AM for an appointment and back at my desk by 9.  Then, quite unexpectedly, I was training into Manhattan by 5 PM to meet my nephew for dinner and a show.  After the performance, a private backstage tour capped the day.  Exhilarated and exhausted, we arrived back in Westchester after midnight.   I am happy that the week-end is a casual affair.  I plan to relax.  As the queen of comfort, I am always searching for the perfect combination of simple attire, modern in persuasion, sensual in performance and versatile enough to appeal to my never ending need for diversity.  I like blurring the lines between home, office and play-wear.  I guess you could say I lead a very casual, very relaxed lifestyle, but harmony and grace matters.  Some years ago, when I was enmeshed in a career, … ...Read more

Leg Lore

634432.a784f141.560I have had a long and diverse career, but I have to say that the best job I ever had, because it was just so much fun, was when I was the Hosiery and Bodywear buyer for Macy’s New York .  It was before Macy’s was Federated, when it was a regional department store chain in which each branch had its own focus but was still part of a larger identity that defined the company image.  I knew each individual location’s specific customer preferences, visiting them monthly to insure a personal connection.  Today, the approach would be perceived as a specialty store venture, where understanding the differences in shopper’s needs are critical to the growth of the business.  In those days, no one ever told us what to buy.  Our only challenge was to increase the volume while defending the profile of the clientele for whom we were responsible.  When … ...Read more

Outta Here

bc_ribbonIt is October 1, 2010.  My sister in law, Celeste died today at the age of 54.  Cancer claimed her life.

The past few years have been a very poignant time for me.  Cancer has sabotaged the lives of several people very close to my heart.  Navigating the waters in this dark storm has taught me a grave lesson in confronting fear.  This voyage has been life bending as I witnessed the courage and perseverance required defying this cruel disease.   It commands a great deal of passion, and an enormous amount of discipline and dedication to stay the course.  Every moment of time that can be salvaged while research and discovery provide hope where once there was none, prove that fighting is worth the struggle.  I have had the rare privilege of learning what the possibilities are, how much it costs and why it is worth the effort.  I say … ...Read more

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