Something Blue

blue nude with hair in the windAs a teenager, I spent time in France with the Experiment in International Living.  The objective was a total immersion into the French culture.  I learned to speak French, traveled to the Pyrenees Mountains as well as the beaches in Marseilles and visited countless museums.  But it was in Paris at The Grand Palais where I saw an exhibit of Matisse’s paper gouache cutouts that I had my first “ah ha” moment. Created during the last 15 years of his life, these paintings made with scissors, are a celebration of freedom and the transformation of shape into pure color.   They are powerful because they are playful, naive expressions of joy.  Mesmerized by his Blue Nudes, I purchased a poster (all I could afford) which hung on the wall of my college dormitory, my first apartment and later my first home.  Now this lyrical blue statement adorns my daughter’s living … ...Read more

Shape Shifting

CBR001106 I saw some beautiful pottery on my recent jaunt to Mexico and the Southwest.  I have always been mesmerized watching a potter shape a beautiful object from such a mundane substance as a lump of wet clay.  The technical skill required seems invisible to the naked eye.  It is all about how the artisan uses his hands and fingers to apply pressure where necessary and release as a counterpoint.  Molding a form so that it fits the artist’s personal vision of a beautiful shape is facilitated by an understanding of the material and a talent for transforming it.

Engineering a fabric in order to shift its use is the essence of Lingerie development, but nowhere has this process been more prevalent in the past year as the Shapewear category.  There are a plethora of inventive forces vying for this market, but I am personally enamored by Wacoal’s extensive offer … ...Read more

Stay In The Moment

pouring-milkSeveral years ago I began to practice yoga.  At first, my type “A” personality prevented me from understanding the meaning proffered by this ancient discipline.  Staying in the moment was not a concept I embraced.  Life was all about productivity and tangible results.  I look back now on the parent teachers night that my husband and I attended at my daughter’s kindergarten Montessori school  in the late 80’s and remember how we looked at each other sideways when the teacher explained how the children were learning to pour a glass of milk from a pitcher.  We asked ourselves why we were paying tuition for such “unimportant” activities.  It was not until recently, when I was pouring water into the coffee maker, that I fully understood the life lesson she was being taught.  As I focused on the liquid flow spilling smoothly into the empty receptacle,   it was clear that … ...Read more

The Age Of Discovery

ellen 60 birthday cakeThis weekend was a transformational time in my life.  As the youngest of my 3 children graduated from college and I celebrated my 60th birthday, I feel energized by the possibilities before me.  I am excited about the potential challenges and the freedom to try new things.  I feel as if I can venture back to the pre-family days and revisit the youthful expectations that defined my aesthetic; but now, I do this with the wisdom of age.  Experience has afforded me clarity of vision that innocence cannot see. Self-awareness is not an easy accomplishment as a woman sacrifices her own needs to familial demands and professional pressures.  I have always believed that wearing the right lingerie could provide the self- esteem so necessary in a stressful life.  At every stage of her journey, a woman is entitled to feel the empowerment that comes when she puts on underwear … ...Read more

Shape Your Destiny

IMG00480-20100502-1659I had never seen the Grand Canyon except from the window of an airplane 30, 000 feet in the air.  The majesty of this view was so extraordinary that I could only imagine what standing right on the rim would offer.  It was a major objective to our Southwest quest.  Traveling there was a challenge as we confronted an early spring snowstorm for which we were quite unprepared.  Naive New Yorkers that we are, we assumed that Arizona meant warm.  After a quick stop in Flagstaff to fortify my wardrobe we were determined to get there, despite warnings of fog, wind and cold.   We were not disappointed.  The weather only amplified the immensity of this sight.  Both sun and clouds parlayed for position in this 20 mile wide gorge, but there was enough room for both as the view evolved in the changing light.  Panoramic rock walls, painted with 1000 … ...Read more

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