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I am a true believer in Genetic Counseling.  I had my first genetic testing after I conceived my first child, and then again with my second child with  amniocentesis; a very common and known procedure for women over 35 who conceive later in life.  This is when a small sample of the amniotic fluid which protects the fetus from injury and helps to regulate the temperature is taken.  These cells contain genetic information that can be used to diagnose chromosomal disorders and what is called open neural tube defects (ONTDs), such as spinal bifida.… Read More

JeanHeadshotby JEAN CRISS, Breast Briefs’ new columnist  

I never would have dreamed that to-date I would have experienced so many life tragedies at such a young age including widowhood, breast cancer with various traumas from numerous post-surgical procedures including bi-lateral lumpectomy with radiation to bi-lateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery four times, MRSA, breast cellulitis three times, breast fat graph, and more all within a four-year window… Add to this, divorce followed by unemployment from the corporate workplace after a very successful run yielding over $100M in sales throughout my media and tech career, on-going post-marital issues five years later, and the list goes on.… Read More

Bravo! Bravado

By Lindsey Borchard

It’s no secret that Bravado has been one of the top brands for maternity and nursing bras for a long time but this brand has recently made me a first time believer!

I was lucky enough to get some of their products to try and let me just say I haven’t taken some of them off since I got them. For me, and my 38FF breasts it’s been really hard to find wire-free nursing bras that are comfortable, and especially supportive. I loved my wire-free option from Cake Lingerie but I was looking for something a little softer and something I could wear everyday.… Read More

By Marina Rybak

I sketch my designs freehand and as a tune-up attend life-drawing sessions at the Spring Studio in Soho for the pure joy of figure drawing. My college art teachers encouraged me to unlock this artistic passion of mine, emphasizing the importance of courageously placing the “mark” on paper. The immediate, blissful experience of transmitting the emotional energy on the tip of my pencil allowed me to break out of the illusions of the linear existence and helped me to access the space of co creating instantly.… Read More

Dare To Be ~ Marlies Dekkers

I wrote my senior thesis in college on Vincent Van Gogh.  The major theme was the impact of vivid color and the intensity of his brushstroke.  Was he mad as the pundits claimed?  Or did he, in fact possess a confident audacity to defy the artistic traditions of his time and risk acceptance in order to make his own personal statement.  My obsession with Van Gogh began in 1970 at The Philadelphia Museum of Art while viewing a retrospective of his work.  So it is very interesting that this same bastion of fine art is currently showing another perspective of these extraordinary masterpieces,Van Gogh Up Close. … Read More

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