By ASI EFROSSoubi Studios - Sporty Intimates by Sofia Bianchi featured on Lingere BriefsI first met with the UK-based bodacious young designer, Sofia Bianchi, at the Flying Solo New York Fashion Week in September 2021 where Sofia debuted her futuristic collection of slick dance-inspired bodywear. Soubi Studios - Sporty Intimates by Sofia Bianchi featured on Lingere BriefsWhile watching her creations flow against the blue sky of the rooftop runway I knew that I was witnessing the work of rare talent. After the event, Sofia graciously shared the details of her life and her artistic pursuit. This is our conversation.

Q. How do you see your purpose as a creator and designer? Read More

By ELLEN LEWISmey lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I am very excited to introduce our newest Spotlight Partner, Mey. Ever since I first saw this charismatic intimate apparel collection at Curve, I have been mesmerized by their merchandising acumen. Their integration of every facet of lingerie into a lifestyle vision is mesmerizing. Using coordinated colors and prints, Mey delivers 8 dynamic deliveries per year that flow together flawlessly. Within each product category are Never Out of Stock basics which enable the retailer’s fast replenishment and margin growth.

mey lingerie as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Founded in Germany in 1928, it remains a family-owned business now managed by 3rd and 4th generation members.… Read More

Perhaps your mother… and her mother wore Shadowline’s Full Briefs, then you were introduced and now also love them! It’s a 108-year-old success story that sees no end in sight. Full briefs, affectionally known as ‘granny panties’ continue to gain popularity across all age groups and genders. What makes Shadowline a standout in this category is not only their longevity, but their attention to high quality manufacturing and the unique, nylon fabrics they use.  The pricing is lauded as very reasonable and their sizing is spot on.… Read More


Jane Woolrich Bridal Lingerie as Featured on Lingerie Briefs

This season the bridal business is burgeoning. Wedding plans surge as the pandemic subsides. That’s good news for the Intimate Apparel business. As I have said before:

“There is an alchemy between the Lingerie and Bridal Industries. Both worlds are devoted to the feminine self. The products revealed in this space are about beauty and self-esteem; their purpose to bring pleasure, passion, and gratification to a woman’s life.”

In this post, I have culled the market, reaching out to brands who focus on bridal lingerie.… Read More


Miss Vivienne Lingerie Astra Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Somewhere up near the top of my current lingerie wishlist is a set by Miss Vivienne, a small Scottish brand created by Vivienne Lynch. Launched in 2017 right after she completed a fashion degree, this indie label has since grown into a small team of four people who still create everything in house and on a made-to-order basis, in line with the brand’s ethos for ethical and sustainable production.

Miss Vivienne Lingerie Astra Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

It’s a brand that I constantly see others wearing on Instagram, where it always catches my eye thanks to considered silhouettes and visually-impactful fabric choices.… Read More

By ELLEN LEWISKilobrava X Forty Winks exclusive botanical pajama as featured on Lingerie Briefs

My first encounter with Forty Winks located in Cambridge Massachusetts was when I visited my son during his college tenure in Boston. I hadn’t met owners Meredith Amenkhienan or Rachel Wentworth at the time, but it was immediately clear that they had a lingerie retail gold mine at their fingertips. Positioned in Harvard Square, the store embraces all the cardinal rules upon which my own career was weaned: location, location, location. They have managed, very successfully to not only create a joyful shopping environment for their customers but also to interface that experience with a very dynamic e-commerce site.… Read More


A few weeks ago, I saw this PJ Harlow® image posted on social media and had an Ah Ha merchandising moment which I shared with owner and founder Tina McMillan. PJ Harlow® has always catered to brides. Just scroll through their Instagram and the bridal message appears. But, and it’s an important But, nowhere was there a coordinated statement of the power of the PJ Harlow® bridal products. Consider the bridal shower, the bridesmaids’ gifts, the bridal party preparations, and the bride herself.… Read More

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