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On Gossamer


Sometimes love affairs don’t work out. It’s not necessarily from a lack of wanting, but logistics interfere and the relationship dissipates. So what could be more romantic than a reclaiming of a partnership that neither party really wanted to end. It makes for a perfect union. Put to the test of time, the marriage is meant to be.  Thus is the case with the NK iMode brand. Disappearing for several markets and leaving many aficionados … Read More

Double Take ~ Commando



When my girls were very young, I used to take them to work with me and leave them with the lingerie design team in the sewing room where they were easily occupied all day. They would spend hours culling through the laces, piecing them together in collages.  My daughter Katie, who is an artist, must have found her passion there because today, her paintings are her personal interpretation of lace, both old and new … Read More


It wouldn’t be possible to talk about the history of sheer and slinky lingerie without talking about the science, research and development that went into creating the miracle fiber that most certainly played a role in the massive baby boom of the 1950s – nylon!

1 “Good heavens Miss Sakamoto – you’re beautiful!” Wallace Carothers, DuPont scientist and inventor of the nylon polyamide fiber.

Innovation in textile development was bustling during the first … Read More

During the opening of Curve NY,  I did my usual walk around.  Lots of old friends, some new ideas and a few interesting trends.  Stay tuned.  But for now, my biggest take away was the exquisite details applied to buttery soft and ultra light fabrics.  And even in men’s underwear, innovative technical details transformed simple basics to comfortable essentials.


Mimi Holliday: gossamer w/gold highlights


Absolutely Pom: Airy Lace blocking


Addiction: micro Modal with tulle trim

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By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flashback – Honeycooler Makes Classic Lace Applique Techniques Modern


Flashback:  The foundation of applique techniques are rooted in stitching and cutting away. This Vintage slip would’ve been sewn and the lace appliqued and cut away before finishing touches like florets and straps were added.

Flashforward: This stunning work of layered appliques in the Geraldine Deco cami requires lots of precise stitching and cutting, leaving sheer panels within a gossamer tank, working … Read More

There is something very ethereal about the way spring emerges in the Hudson Valley.  As the trees begin to bloom, naked bark is slowly transformed from basic to beautiful.  In the beginning, it is if a translucent veil that floats over the branches.  Every day the scenery grows richer as light and color infuse the landscape  with an airy softness.  From bare to lush, this metamorphosis is nature’s evolution from pubescence to grace.  Until I … Read More

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