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On Gossamer

By Layla L’Obatti

Flashforward/ Flashback – Honeycooler Makes Classic Lace Applique Techniques Modern


Flashback:  The foundation of applique techniques are rooted in stitching and cutting away. This Vintage slip would’ve been sewn and the lace appliqued and cut away before finishing touches like florets and straps were added.

Flashforward: This stunning work of layered appliques in the Geraldine Deco cami requires lots of precise stitching and cutting, leaving sheer panels within a gossamer tank, working … Read More

There is something very ethereal about the way spring emerges in the Hudson Valley.  As the trees begin to bloom, naked bark is slowly transformed from basic to beautiful.  In the beginning, it is if a translucent veil that floats over the branches.  Every day the scenery grows richer as light and color infuse the landscape  with an airy softness.  From bare to lush, this metamorphosis is nature’s evolution from pubescence to grace.  Until I … Read More

What makes a horse such an intoxicating animal is the combination of extreme sensitivity, majestic beauty and soft love.  This 1000 pound animal can feel the touch of a tiny insect, hear the sound of an acorn on a barn roof, smell an animal cloaked by trees and see the flicker of a tiny movement in the distance.  To ride a horse with grace, you must partner with his breath in a delicate dance.  Ears … Read More

The recent Tsunami in Japan has made us all think about the fragility of life, the ability of a seemingly tranquil and universal substance to transform itself into a harbinger of wrath capable of destruction and despair beyond human comprehension.  Nature has managed to remind us of the power of water and its impact on our lives.  For me, the presence of water has informed many of my life’s decisions and I have always harbored … Read More

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