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2009-08-fn-mad-men-joanWhat would you imagine that Christina Hendricks (aka Joan Holloway), the sassy femme fatale of the award winning TV series, Mad Men, is wearing under her iconic 1950’s dress?  My guess is this retro inspired slip  from On Gossamer.  I have become a real fan of this extraordinarily well written and superbly staged new drama that harks back to a time in history when women were just on the brink of claiming their … Read More


Candy corn, the NYC Village Halloween Parade, crazy carved pumpkins, haunted NYC brownstone scenes, spooky dogs and kids, these are some of my favorite Halloween things.

My go to Halloween costume for many years was a witch ensemble.  Halloween gave me the freedom to dress provocatively and to be exposed, something I have never been comfortable with in day to day to life.  Dressing in a bustier or corset as a witch … Read More

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Sensual, daring, and exquisitely crafted, the Follement Sexy Collection captures the essence of the Lise Charmel brand. Designed to accentuate natural curves, this 18-piece collection is a powerful statement of feminine beauty. An Italian embroidery delicately drawn on a gossamer light tulle evokes a modern tattoo effect. Stylized blossoms and winding festoons sweep across the transparent surface to create an illusion of black ink elegantly applied directly on a woman’s skin. Lise Charmel continues its … Read More

NK IMODE Morgan collection in silk charmeuse and stretch lace as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of NK IMODE on the Lingerie Briefs Spotlight. Debuting with their Spring 2023 collection of luxurious silk and lace lingerie in four carefully curated sleepwear groups, these styles prove the power of this 20-year-old Canadian brand.

Beautifully crafted slips, chemises, gowns, pajamas, and kimono robes are designed with soft stretch laces, delicate details, and bias-cut draping ranging from XS-XL.  But what sets NK IMODE apart is their … Read More


Prima Donna Ray of Light Bra illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie Briefs

White…we think of purity, faith, innocence, goodness, even virginity when we think of the color white, white is ingrained in all of us to be an inherently positive color, why?

Opaak bodyusit and Empreinte Cassiopee Bra illustrated by Tina Wilson for Lingerie BriefsOpaak & Empreinte

I’ve been researching colors and their meanings and how they make us feel.  Culturally the meanings can shift, in Asian cultures white is a symbol of mourning and loss, in Western cultures the hero wears white and the villain … Read More



Did you know that the most wedding engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas? It is a goldmine for retailers whose port of call is lingerie. The fact that this is already gift giving season, the acceleration of bridal intimates makes this category a no brainer. I remember a Bloomingdale’s buyer telling me several years ago, that this opportunity was a definite focus for her. This is why I am so pleased to … Read More

gossamer spider webs on Lingerie Briefs

Several weeks ago, even though I told them not to bother, Lise Charmel sent me a gorgeous bra from their number one best-selling collection, Dressing Floral. Frankly, I am beastly to fit; it is rare that a delicate looking bra could support me through one of my 12 hour work days. This style is so precious; it reminds me of an ethereal spider web. Like a web, it is difficult to account for its ability … Read More

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