When my son Charlie was 10 years old, a friend of his in his 4th grade class was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor.  I remember how I felt when I was told that July about Elizabeth’s fate.  I was sick to my stomach, immobilized by fear, unable to separate my own maternal instincts from the reality confronting her parents.  When she died the following December, one week before Christmas, the community assembled to memorialize her brief life.  We had had 6 months to prepare but still her dying seemed unfathomable

I was thinking about Elizabeth’s death after Friday’s rampage in Newtown, Connecticut. I remembered the profound effect that this single loss had had on everyone in her orbit.  Devastating as this was, as ill as she became, as difficult as it was to absorb, it cannot compare to the utter grief perpetrated on December 14 as 26 lives, … ...Read more

Season Of Hope ~ Le Mystère

Ever since I began writing this blog, I have tried, to no avail, to access the DNA of the Le Mystѐre brand.  So many of my readers either wear these bras or sell them in their stores, but for some time now, all I have heard are disappointed grumblings about access and availability of this beloved collection.  However, there is light at the end of the tunnel: Komar Lingerie just acquired Le Mystѐre and it is now under the direction of my good friend Debby Gedney, the new President of Luxury Brands.   Under her tutelage and that of veteran industry design director Bruce Getz, I have no doubt about the prospects of this venerable company.   But I have to say, the real treat for me, merchant that I am, was learning about the heritage of this assortment from Product Director, Jessica Pfister whose passion for the legacy of the Le ...Read more

From the very first Christmas I shared with my husband in 1976 – he wasn’t my husband then – we would invest in a distinctive ornament for our family tree.  It became a ritual and over the years, a quality collection of eclectic shapes and colors formed.   In fact, we got a little carried away with the entire process. Gathering hand painted renderings of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, hand sewn sequined baubles from my travels to Asia, unique trinkets from the Museum of Modern Art, wood carved depictions of the 12 Days of Christmas, the requisite children’s themes and more, I am quite sure I had several hundred by the time I sold my house last Spring.  Our tree was gorgeous, a filigree of exquisite designs that sparkled with personal history.  It was a festive and sophisticated conversation piece; an elaborate visual treat and the focal point of … ...Read more

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