Touchdown ~ LOU Paris

When it comes to the sport of football, I am pretty much less interested in the competition than the strategic fanfare that seems to drive the game.  It is hard to ignore the Super Bowl hype that takes the media hostage in the USA every January.  We turned on the television Sunday Night, mainly out of habit, to watch the Ravens trounce the 49ers in the first half.  I, for one,  am more interested in the half-time show, which is always an over the top extravaganza that is a slice of Americana and just a bit embarrassing as a statement of our celebratory culture.  But this year, I have to admit, I was sucked in.  It’s because the entire production was a Beyoncé phenomenon and I actually have a great deal of respect for what this beautiful, talented, strong, independent and reputably kind woman has achieved.  As she struts across … ...Read more

Here is one thing that I know for sure: If you combine the expertise of an experienced merchant with the technical skills of a British trained bra designer, you have an excellent chance at creating a lingerie line that has the potential to generate real excitement at the consumer level.  This is exactly what has occurred with the Claudette brand.  Between President Robin Levitt’s personal merchandising background with mega branded retailers and designer Bok Goodall’s track record after emerging from the British Bra Design School, success was not unexpected.  What was unexpected was the speed of growth.  Launched in spring of 2012, Claudette Lingerie has been identified as an aspirational brand built on the credo that every woman should share in the fun.  Bras fitting sizes 28 – 38 and A – G cups are developed in bold and fearless colors.  Using key item distortion, the color stories cross collections … ...Read more

Every once and awhile I come across a creative concept that literally takes me hostage; thus my fascination with the Yes Master brand at the Paris show last week.  After several days of focused exploration, it was a welcome treat to sit with Designer Igar Pacemski and listen to his vision of Intimates as a cultural and literary exploration into the Art of Lingerie.  The stories wrought by this 7 year old label are not immediately obvious. It takes some time to see the magic.  Each season is an evocative tableau that takes a woman on a journey to the “wrong side of good taste”.  Edgy, but with style and class, Yes Master is the quintessential British brand.  As I tend to “watch” lines for a while, before proselytizing about them, I have kept my distance until recently, when this line caught my attention with its Dreams Collection. Anyone who … ...Read more

Paris Wrap

I’m back in NY where I have to say, the single digit temperatures trump the snowstorm in Paris.  I have had a few days to filter and as I like to do, I am letting the highlights of the Salon De Lingerie surface as I debrief.  As a merchant, that’s my way of finding focus.  I’ll leave the recaps to the trend services and press and give you with some of the images that made an impression


Lise Charmel



Simone Perele

Les Chandelles

Mimi Holliday



Beautiful Bottoms

Epure by Lise Charmel


Va Bien

Belly Cloud



Pluto & Maison Close


Dirty Pretty Things

Made By Niki

Juju Lingerie

Fred & Ginger

Erica M

Lost In Wonderland

Yes Master

Kitten Kouture

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