They say that “what goes around comes around” and although it may sound a bit cliché, I happen to agree.  When I started this blog in 2009, one of my very first articles focused on the way Betsey Johnson had reincarnated tricot knit fabric from the traditional generic mainstay of my mother’s generation into flirty silhouettes that definitely appeal to my daughter’s sense of style. Reinvention has always informed fashion design, but the true sign of a product’s excellence is its ability to endure.  That happens when a brand recognizes its accomplishment and manages to take it to a whole other level of viability.  This is exactly what Betsey Johnson has achieved.  Their continued effort to build the tricot babydoll category into a pretty, sassy and sexy signature has helped make this business their own.  Adding sizes, XS – 2X and additional colors to bestselling silhouettes like the 73248 babydoll … ...Read more

Lingerie is for me, a two sided love affair. It is art and function, not necessarily combined.  I could attribute my passion for this product to my obsession with visual beauty and my need for structure, order and productivity to define my daily existence.  A mentor of mine once said that a perfect merchant was a combination of Picasso and Einstein.  That’s a tall order.  To find an item that serves both sides of the equation, purpose and passion, is a constant quest.   I know I have succeeded when, in the process, I feel a visceral pull.  I know I have to have it.  This is exactly how I reacted the first time I saw the Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie collection, a new brand of simple, sophisticated microfiber underpinnings that has taken the LA Market by storm on the heels of super novas like Halle Berry and Heidi Klum. Anchored by… ...Read more

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