Usually, we highlight an Indie  brand in our Design Lab, but after I discovered  Lilipiache, I decided to make it a feature. This new collection is the loving creation of three Japanese Fashion School friends who have a reverence for French leaver’s lace, which is the cornerstone of their design aesthetic.  Integrated with luxury fabrics, these styles are conceived to emulate the delicate underpinnings of an exquisite  flower. They are modern intimates; sexy and eclectic utilizing lingerie details in an innovative way.  What’s more I can confirm that they fit beautifully as I had them tried on.  Although the panties and bras are uniquely conceived;  what really impressed me was the way Yoshiko Hayase, one of the founders, sought my opinion, and followed up with samples.  It was a combination of her perseverance as well as the beautiful product that convinced me that … Read more

Unveiling Intimates

By Aimee Guthinger

Courtesy of Stylesight: Intimate Details

Unveiling intimates; this concept immediately came to mind when I sat down to think about my first article here on Bridal Briefs.  Then while working with a bride last weekend I knew it was a sign when I entered the fitting room and she said; “I am completely clueless about this lingerie stuff.  Will you please help me?”  This is a common question heard within the walls of my boutique here on Cape Cod, one of the East Coast’s most popular destinations for weddings.   I think that is why it’s a perfect laboratory to research a new series of articles I will be writing for this column on Lingerie Briefs.  Perhaps in putting some direct attention on the questions out there (with your questions welcome at anytime) we can together begin to clarify the modern day etiquette … Read more

Anyone who knows me knows of my obsession with all things Equine.  Truthfully, thoroughbred racing is not my favorite part of Equestrian sport; the monetary focus so dominates that I feel as if the true essence of the horse’s majesty somehow gets lost in the hubbub.  This season, however, I find myself more focused than usual as the recently unknown stallion, I’ll Have Another, races for the Triple Crown.   Surely the name fits.  From his debut at the Kentucky Derby, where he first appeared on the national scene, through his win at the Preakness, this contender burst out of the starting gate to overtake every well-heeled competitor in his class clinching first at the finish line each time he appeared.  Clearly his reputation continues to gain momentum as his extraordinary talent is demonstrated, effacing every challenger in the field.  Even if he does not capture … Read more

When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with the Archie comic book series.  I would sneak down to the Chateau Drug store two blocks from the house, spend all my allowance on Betty and Veronica dailies and hide them under the mattress before my mother came home.  I was supposed to be doing my homework.  At least she didn’t mind my dalliance during the summers.  I was allowed to take them to the beach.  I’d lie on a towel soaking up the antics of the Archie gang and dreaming about looking like Veronica in a red swimsuit.  So imagine my delight when I found Panache’s Veronica collection currently in stores in scarlett.  So successful is this bathing beauty that it will be back for Fall drenched in luscious Lagoon Blue.  Available from 30- 38 D –K cups, I can only guess who might have … Read more

By Ellen Lewis

Last week my daughter was ruminating about the type of wedding she wanted.  By the way, she is not engaged.  Like many young girls, this conversation has been going on for about 20 years.  She told me she did not want a big affair (phew): the only thing important to her was the diamond ring and the dress (oh well).  The dress seems to be the aspiration.  I suppose it’s the princess on the peak that seduces so many feminine fantasies.  Nonetheless, it seems that the wedding gown is the centerpiece of  this show; a narcistic opportunity, totally expected and even applauded by everyone involved.

The wedding gown is the focal point of a bride’s plans, because it is an archetypal statement of who she believes herself to be.   It must fit, function and fascinate simultaneously.  Visual perfection is obviously the ultimate … Read more

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