Today at Salon De Lingerie was my general show overview and I did not spend too much time on individual brands.  Mostly I took stock of the show and what it had to offer.  It was a bit quiet here due to flight cancellations from the snowstorm and European economic woes, but still most of the booths with whom I touched base with were pleased with the traffic.

There is an evolving color story and I promise a full report tomorrow on the prevailing trends, but I was happy to see that the black and lace message I noticed emerging for Spring 2013 at retail yesterday was just as prevalent at the stands exhibiting their Fall 2013 collections.  Here are a few:

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Paris Day Two: Delicious

I spent today with my blogging cohort, Ali Cudby indulging in a taste of French extravagance.  Meeting Ali at Angelina’s, the landmark tea room renowned for their rich desserts and perfect Parisian atmosphere; I insisted that she gratify her palette with their signature hot chocolate and whip cream confection.

Then it was off to Empreinte L’Atelier Lingerie where I had been invited to experience the company’s new bra fitting concept store which includes the ability to personalize your individual selections with unique design details.  Arriving a bit early we had the added pleasure of bumping into the Sol Lingerie Store of Denver’s entourage including owners Jeanie Peterson and Cindy Johnson.  Having just begun their liaison with the Empreinte brand, it was nice to hear all about their initial sale’s success with these luxury styles.

The Atelier is a sleek sanctuary of grey tones, glass walls and light wood fixtures bathed … ...Read more

Live From Paris ~ Day One

Today, I did my regular first day run around to Galleries Lafayette, Bon Marché and the shops in St Germaine. It’s how I ward off jet lag after an overnight flight and a late check-in time at the hotel.  It’s January Mark-down mania in Paris and as usual the stores are packed with sales.  Interesting fact: in France big sales are government controlled.   These big price breaks are en mass, everywhere, only twice a year.  It’s a shopping tradition here.  Somehow the word SALE has real meaning.  As a result, one really needs to weed through the disarray to see any indication of incoming trends.  There are very little “nouvelle collections”  in site.

Still I could not help noticing the amount of black, silver and lace edging through the chaos.  It ran the gamut from La Perla’s brand of sexy, Marlie’s Dekker’s sophistication and Ere’s modern sleek to Lejaby’s elegance, … ...Read more

I love the city of Paris and tomorrow I fly there to attend the Salon De Lingerie.  It’s hard work, but somebody has to do it and lucky for me, I have had that privilege many times.  Yes, it’s a trade show, long days inside voluminous halls foraging for inspiration with little time for outside expeditions.  But still, it’s Paris, whose elegance and innate style have made it one of the most seductive venues in the world.  In this city, it is in the details, the ethereal light, the rich architecture, the renowned art, and the flowers blooming in shops even in January that arouse the imagination.  Things taste better, smell sweeter and feel calmer in Paris.  It’s a perfect setting for creative discovery.

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Several years back when I was in the process of launching a major sleepwear brand for my company, my Design Director and I decided to create an entire collection around shades of green.  There was a rhyme to our reason because this was a licensee recognized world-wide for their horticultural motifs.  When we presented our plans to the Sales team, we got a lot of resistance.   They insisted that historically, green did not sell in Intimate Apparel, but I decided to push back and we forged ahead with our concept.  By the way, as fabulous as the samples looked during market, we also had similar reaction from several buyers.  Nonetheless, this collection, aptly named Lily of the Valley, became one of the best-selling groups in the history of the brand.  And, by the way, the very same buyers returned to market, eating crow.  I think it’s important to take a … ...Read more

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