You have to be an animal lover to visit my sister, Beth.  Her home is the asylum for 8 wiener dogs of varying temperaments, 3 belonging to her and the remainder in foster care.  As an active member of Fido’s for Freedom and Dachshund Rescue of North America, she devotes a good chunk of her day caring for abandoned, abused and surrendered hounds.  She calls them her surrogate children.  Her objective is to provide a sense of security and comfort so that each pup can find a “forever” home.  Training these dogs to participate in Service and Therapy work, she nurtures them with quality attention and consistent discipline.  Her gentle but firm approach is admirable.  I drove to Maryland this week to drop off some items I need her to store during the upheaval in my own household resulting from the imminent closing on … Read more

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A Tried and True Product Roars Into The 21st Century

From the time I was a little girl, I have clear memories of my mother getting dressed in her girdle and stockings.  It was, after all, the proper thing for a woman to wear and she tried vehemently to get me to comply, but alas, to no avail.  I was not into control.  I liked vintage, loose, and laissez faire.  So what a surprise when I first studied the Rago® Shapewear brand, to learn that this was in fact, the authentic 50’s designed and constructed shaping pieces in their original incarnation.  I was attracted to them for their retro fashion appeal, and not at all surprised when I learned that they were the soul source of underpinnings for the hit show, Mad Men. What a treasure to discover that this … Read more

Hanky Panky Joins Forces With Hello Kitty 

Finding the just-about-to-be-launched Hello Kitty Collection at the Hanky Panky showrooms last month was like traveling back in time.  I have some major memories of perusing the Hello Kitty Boutique while shopping at the Tokyo Department eons ago when I was traveling for Macy’s. My girls were young and any item with which I returned that engendered the iconic motif was welcomed with open arms; “Hi Mom, where is my Hello Kitty stuff?” Anyway, I can’t wait to give them (my girls are now all grown up and avid lingerie buffs) this new incarnation of their favorite childhood obsession.

It’s a no brainer… “Small Gift, Big Smile”

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Courting Beauty ~ Natori

It’s early Sunday morning and I am watching a flock of sixteen wild turkeys grandstanding in my yard.  Eight toms and eight hens are engaged in a ritual dance of some sort:  the boys are strutting their stuff and the girls are prancing around in a  flirting match. Tails are spread wide, plumage erect as a symphony of courting cries announce each male’s presence. The female plays a subtler role, less conspicuous, more seductive; her display of nonchalance is a coy response to the mating call.  Like the boasting male, she carries up to 6000 feathers on her body, but uses them for attraction and seduction in lieu of swagger.  Preening is an art form.  It is nature’s way of sustaining evolution.

If I were a winged lady, I have to believe I might choose the Natori Feather Collection for comfort and courtship.  The exclusively … Read more

BRIEF ALERT! Private Arts

This Week’s Intimate Discovery:  A New West Coast Panty Company Creates Undie Art

Private Arts is a LA based panty company that caught my eye at the recent CurveNY show.  I am intrigued because their DNA is right up my alley.  Founded by three artists, every design is hand drawn and then transformed into a print using the modern technical expertise available on Photoshop.  Combinations of original illustrations, photography and graphic motifs are colorfully intermingled on stretch lace to form a gallery of Undie Art.  By using underwear as their personal canvas, the artist creates an interesting synthesis of creativity and intimacy. Made exclusively in the USA, each collection is an interpretation of a unique theme.

“A Great Artist Can Paint A Great Picture On A Small Canvas.” ~ Charles Dudley Warner


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