The Cadolle Legend


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There is some controversy about who invented the first bra. The final answer is unequivocally Herminie Cadolle, who secured the first “brassiere” patent in Paris in 1879. Founder of the legendary Maison Cadolle, Herminie was the first of six generations of Cadolle women dedicated to celebrating the female form in tandem with the cultural environment of the period. The House of Cadolle  is famed for its technical prowess and fashion flair. Poupie’s costume designs for Monica Bellucci in the last James Bond movie, her celebrity clientele and medical patent continues the long tradition of innovation throughout the history of Cadolle.

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On a personal note, I met 5th generation Poupie Cadolle several years ago. Responsible for redefining the silhouette with the transformation of the traditional … Read more


Speranza bespoke bra found on PinterestI found this image on Pinterest and to date it is the most popular picture I have ever posted. I think that it is because this bespoke bra is evidence of the artistic potential of lingerie placed in the right designer’s hands. It is craftsmanship at its best. Have you ever envisioned a bra made of peacock feathers?  Neither had I, until I found this ingenious wonder while trawling through the website.

I love the creativity of the Pinterest platform. We are on 6 sites now, some more robust than ever, but the one site that remains, at its core, a hub of shared ideas is Pinterest. That’s why when an image is saved or reposted, I believe that the purpose is sincere.  It affirms an admiration … Read more


Lingerie brand Maison Nouvelle was born out of Dutch designer Maaike Nieuwenhuis’s fascination with craftsmanship.  Granted, all of the designers we feature here in the Gallery are committed to quality craftsmanship, but Maison Nouvelle takes it one step further.  Every piece is made to order, specific to your measurements and needs.

Many of the items on Maison Nouvelle’s website are ordered according to your body measurements (rather than standard sizing), along with any personal needs you might desire beyond size.  Each online purchase is produced within a 14-day timeframe and shipped to the customer…but the journey doesn’t end there!  If for some reason the lingerie does not have a perfect fit, the design team will either allow for a return to make the proper adjustments or tailor … Read more


The Truth is in The Numbers!

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About a year ago, I started hearing about a little known lingerie company that was making waves in small boutiques: Fit Fully Yours. Boutique owners would bring it in on a recommendation from someone else and almost immediately sell out. They would then re-order and find that the struggle was keeping up with demand rather than selling bras. When Fit Fully Yours came up in my conversations with Ellen, I realized that not only would I get to learn more about them but I might get to try one of these mythical bras for myself…… Read more

In her own words, here are our taste-maker, Katrina Eugenia’s top lavender essentials for Spring 2018

Lavender Edit board by Katrina Eugenia exclusively for Lingerie BriefsI live in SoHo, New York and Ladurée on West Broadway is more or less a second home. When I saw this Sonny Angel Ladurée Pâtisserie Ornament   of a little baby angel dressed in  a fancy pastry outfit I thought it was the cutest and funniest thing I had ever seen. Somehow, all of them are of male descent, which makes them even more darling and hilarious. I love mine so much I keep it up all year long.

It was love at first site when this gorgeous set in electric lilac from by True & Co poped up as a sponsored post on my instagram feed. I had to have it. I love … Read more

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