The queen of the bodysuit back in 92’ B.S. (before Spanx) was Donna Karan.  Oh how I wish she was around to shake things up now like she did then.  I had the great fortune to work on DK Intimates bodysuits and shapewear, to see her squeeze into them, to watch her drape them on the models, and to debate with her the merits of crotch snaps vs. no snaps for bathroom ease (a battle I lost btw).

It was a special time, when a few key brands were giving birth to the foundations of the bodysuit we know today. And while Donna’s influence still lingers, there are some noteworthy brands shaking things up and moving the bodysuit forward.

Salon de la Lingerie took place this past January in Paris at Porte de Versailles, and I was there.

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A fashion editorial series by Stephanie Hynes & Lingerie Briefs

Christine Lingerie photographed by Stephanie Hynes Photography exclusively for Lingerie BriefsChristine Lingerie

In ancient Roman mythology, Aurora is the goddess of dawn. She is the evening glow in a winter sky; radient, romantic, intimate. As the night mists dissipate, she is borne aloft to announce the arrival of the sun. The atmosphere is diaphanous as darkness melts away. The world brightens as by her deed, light emerges. It’s a new day. Her image, often used to evoke sexuality in poetry, has become an icon of feminine persuasion.

Goddess sparkle
A mountain shade suggests your shape
I tumble down on my knees
Fill my mouth with snow
The way it melts
I wish to melt into you
~ Bjork

In our third Lingerie Fashion editorial, Stephanie chooses to replicate the essence of Aurora’s rising. Using diffused light and exquisite lingerie, these … Read more


Le Petit Trou Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

I recently had the pleasure of joining Ellen at last month’s Salon International de la Lingerie, and what an awesome opportunity it was! I had previously attended the show a handful of times when I owned my lingerie boutique, but this time had the luxury of participating as a spectator, capturing eye-catching collections on my camera for Lingerie Briefs’ social media.  Of course, my former participation as a buyer came right back to me, and I had a slight tinge of remorse over no longer having a wholesale license to engage in my typical buying style of “one for me, one for the store…”.  One such brand that had me feeling particularly eager to write an order (all for me) was Le Petit Trou.

I featured this Polish lingerie brand on Lingerie Briefs one year ago, and am pleased to show … Read more


MariLupa couture lingerie in larger sizes Rachel Kenyon and I met a few years back as a result of the size expansion of Buttress & Snatch, but it quickly became apparent that we were fans of many of the same things in life. We both love old buildings, finding historic treasures in our respective cities and giving vintage things a new life rather than finding new things to create more waste. When the Marilupa Instagram account popped up, I knew that this must be the passion project that Rachel had been working on, even before she sent me the official email about it.MariLupa couture lingerie in larger sizes Couture lingerie for larger sizes is a niche within a niche with only a handful of companies trying it out. “I’ve never felt the very precious and artisanal side of what I make entire belongs in Buttress and Snatch. The materials are much more … Read more

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